Why Balboa Horizons for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

California Licensed Drug and Alcohol Treatment


Balboa Horizons offers the full continuum of gender-specific drug and alcohol treatment for males and females. 

Our comprehensive recovery programs provide quality care for our clients, their families, and the referring professionals. Our facilities in Newport Beach, California and the surrounding beach communities provide the ideal environment for recovery.

Men Only Drug Rehab

At Balboa Horizons, we make a real-life difference by inspiring change and transforming the lives of our clients and their families.

Our clients graduate from our programs with happiness, confidence, and most importantly, a foundation for continued sobriety.

What sets Balboa Horizons apart from the rest?

Quality Clinical Services & Experienced multidisciplinary treatment team

When it comes to choosing a drug and alcohol treatment program for yourself, your loved one, or your client, the expertise of the treatment team is of critical importance. Balboa Horizons brings together a team of compassionate experts with extensive experience in intervention and assessment of addictive disorders.

We recognize that the true challenges to maintaining recovery occur outside the treatment environment and following discharge. As a result, Balboa Horizons treatment philosophy is rooted in providing high-quality, clinical, gender-specific care to inspire change within our clients and to provide them the tools they need to transform their lives in the long term.

Gender Specific Treatment Programming

Clinical research demonstrates improved outcomes with gender-specific treatment.  Balboa Horizons’ gender-specific drug and alcohol treatment creates an atmosphere of openness and acceptance within the group, and minimizes the distractions found in co-ed facilities.

Our rehab programs are designed to provide a safe environment where clients are able to focus exclusively on recovery.

Comprehensive continuum of care

Rehab Paddle Boarding

Balboa Horizons is one of the few treatment centers to offer the full continuum of addiction recovery programs for males and females at our facilities in Newport Beach, CA and the surrounding beach communities.

Access to comprehensive recovery programs provides a valuable continuity of care for our clients, their families, and the referring professionals. The combination among these levels of care fosters consistency of the treatment approach as patients move from one level of care to another and ultimately toward lasting recovery.

This unique treatment model offers opportunities to evaluate recovery progress in a supportive environment, and identify and address challenges to sustainable recovery prior to discharge.

Family involvement in treatment

Addictions don’t just affect individuals—they affect whole families.  At Balboa Horizon’s, families are encouraged to participate in the treatment process.  Our family therapy engages both clients and members of their families to increase healthy communication, and to support each other during and after treatment.

Family therapy at Balboa Horizons focuses on more than just building a support structure to the client after they leave our centers we also highlight the importance of supporting family members in their own process of healing and recovery from the affects of the addiction had on each of them.

Family involvement will vary depending on each client’s individualized treatment plan but generally weekly contact involves progress updates or family therapy sessions. Another unique facet of family involvement at Balboa Horizons is the monthly multifamily educational program. Over the course of the program, families learn about addiction recovery and participate in multifamily and individual family therapy.

Recovery support and relapse prevention

Balboa Horizons is a home away from home for each of our clients and their families. We work to establish trusting relationships with our clients and their families throughout the course of treatment so they feel comfortable reaching out whenever support is needed.

Our staff and facilities are always available to alumni and their family’s as they navigate the challenges and joys of recovery. The clients at Balboa Horizons graduate from our programs with happiness, confidence and, most importantly, a foundation for continued sobriety. Their success is our success.

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