Women’s Addiction Treatment – Women Helping Women

Our residential women’s addiction treatment program is designed for women by women and facilitated primarily by female staff. Unique circumstances surrounding women’s addiction and co-occurring disorders require a compassionate, nonjudgmental approach to deal with the overwhelming shame, complex traumas, and unique challenges women in recovery face. Groups and assignments have been specifically developed to address the self-defeating thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors that so often accompany the disease of addiction. We know that overcoming shame and facing traumas—some, long hidden—takes time and patience, and our skilled and compassionate therapists create a safe and supportive environment in which our clients can begin this important work.

Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders, often know as “Dual Diagnosis”

The holistic programs offered in the Women’s Addiction Treatment Program at Balboa Horizons focus on the development of the whole woman within a  community of support, allowing for transformational growth while past liabilities are dismantled and discarded. In many cases of substance abuse, another disorder is present: a mental illness or an eating disorder. If a woman has untreated depression, she may have started drinking in an effort to self-medicate. A woman with weight or body image problems may have started abusing stimulants to reduce her appetite and sense of self-loathing.

When two diagnosable sets of symptoms are applicable to one person, she has what is known as a “dual diagnosis.” Treatment for each disorder must address the symptoms of each disorder individually, but also in relation to each other. Balboa Horizons offers exceptional assessment and treatment for clients who present with certain dual diagnosis issues.

Phases of Treatment for Recovery

For women, the reasons for initial substance use are different than for men who start abusing drugs and alcohol. Relationships, both romantic and with family members, are the primary reason for female substance abuse. The stress and negative effects that result from relational problems lead women to self-medicate in an attempt to escape from reality, or dull painful emotions and memories. The staff at Balboa Horizons is trained to help each client identify her own reasons for use, and to bring underlying issues to the surface where they can be addressed to ensure a lasting recovery. Clients begin to heal when emotions are repaired, and new healthy relationships are formed. The team at Balboa Horizons works with each client to create a unique treatment plan, and weekly treatment team meetings monitor the efficacy of the therapeutic plan and gauge progress along the way. The women at Balboa Horizons graduate from our facility with confidence, community, and most importantly, a new personal foundation for continued sobriety.

Beginning with our highly-individualized Residential Treatment, the programs offered by Balboa Horizons after inpatient treatment range from our Day Treatment program and then to STRIVE—our clinically-supervised Intensive Outpatient Program. Balboa Horizons’ programs offer a customizable continuum of care that supports the client at every stage of recovery and personal development. Our goal is to teach every client the life skills necessary to re-enter into a fulfilling life in recovery. We do so by utilizing goal setting and also supporting re-entry to education, employment or vocational training.

Every person is different; therefore the treatment offered by Balboa Horizons is highly-individualized. Individuals with a history of relapse and complexity tend to do particularly well with the programs offered at Balboa Horizons. Clients and families who know they need more than the traditional 28-day model prefer Balboa Horizons’ program options. The women’s addiction treatment program at Balboa Horizons will help you get your life back on track.