Now that you’re free from drugs and alcohol, you have the opportunity to create the lifestyle you want—and help you obtain and apply new recovery tools and techniques in real-life situations.

Our intensive residential treatment program focuses exclusively on recovery and wellness, with each client attending regular groups, meetings, and one-on-one therapy sessions.

We know you may be thinking, have I been sentenced to life of boredom? Will I still be able to have fun? Am I capable of change? At Balboa Horizons, you’ll learn that in recovery, your life is infinitely better, and—in fact— only now just beginning. We help you fix bad habits and chart a clear path to the person you want to be and the life you want to live.

Balboa Horizons’ residential treatment builds upon the foundation you created in your detox program. It’s about fostering passions, discovering and identifying dreams and goals, reclaiming liberties, and reintegrating with society in a place that offers a wealth of activities, resources, and opportunities.

Our comfortable residential houses, located in coastal Orange County neighborhoods, mirror real life and real world responsibilities. You’ll have access to your cell phone, laptop, leave campus, and integrate back into real life within the safety of a nurturing, structured environment.

Eventually, the individual in treatment will celebrate key milestones of recovery and will be “stepping up” in the continuum of care, and eventually returning home. Our counselors will work with each individual to ensure that their discharge plan is appropriately designed to meet their ongoing needs and challenges, and to ensure the best possible recovery outcome.