Men’s Addiction Treatment – A Structured Recovery Program

Our gender-specific men’s addiction treatment program offers an environment that promotes openness and acceptance. Clients receive a thorough psychiatric assessment, individualized treatment planning, working with a state-certified counselor as well as a professionally licensed therapist. We know that alcohol and drug addiction are symptomatic of underlying issues, and our team is skilled at uncovering them—helping clients deal with their specific concerns, including certain co-occuring disorders. Our program combines the latest in evidence-based addiction therapy and clinical intervention with an immersion in 12-Step principles. The recovery and treatment programs at Balboa Horizons are designed to support emotional, spiritual and character development. Balance in life is the objective, and our programs model this through both daily treatment protocols as well as daily fitness and recreational activities, including daily gym visits, yoga, and regular outdoor activities.

Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders and Process Addictions

Balboa Horizons drug and alcohol treatment program has the ability to treat certain Dual Diagnosis issues. Our psychiatrist, therapists, counselors, and team are adept at addressing the addiction and certain mild to moderate mental and emotional health issues. Because co-occurring disorders and process addictions intersect so closely with addiction, our philosophy is to treat both simultaneously. After a thorough psychiatric examination and evaluation of any medications a client may have been taking, a treatment plan is developed that addresses both addiction and any co-occurring mental health issues. Treatment includes therapy services and specially designed groups (DBT, CBT, Mindfulness Groups and experiential activities) as well as optimized management of medications when needed. Many clients that come to treatment have been misdiagnosed. Because our program takes a long-term approach to treating addiction, we have the opportunity to monitor, adjust or discontinue medication therapies as appropriate.

Phases of Treatment for Recovery

Beginning with our Detoxification process and then to our highly-individualized residential treatment, Balboa Horizons programs continue with a step-down to our day treatment program and then to STRIVE—our clinically-supervised Intensive Outpatient Program. Together, these stages offer a customizable continuum that supports the client at every stage of recovery and personal development—teaching invaluable life skills, goal setting and supporting re-entry to employment, education or vocational training. Because treatment planning is individualized, our programs are excellent for individuals with a history of relapse and complexity, as well as clients and families who know they need more than the traditional 28-day model. We help you get your life back on track.