Dual diagnosis treatment or co-occurring disorders refer to a personality, mood or compulsive disorder negatively affecting the quality of a person’s life. This can include conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, gambling, love addiction or codependency. Often, disorders such as these will manifest along with substance abuse, and in order to bring about recovery, you must treat the addiction and mental health simultaneously.

Balboa Horizons treats co-occurring disorders for men and women’s unique needs, in a safe, comfortable, and inspirational environment

At Balboa Horizons, every client receives a thorough psychiatric evaluation and a comprehensive medical and psychological assessment when they begin treatment. This is crucial in helping to identify any underlying co-occurring disorders. We provide nonjudgmental evaluations with love, acceptance, and support, which aid us in determining and diagnosing the underlying issues related to the addiction and/or resulting trauma. In doing so, we are able to treat both addiction and the underlying issue simultaneously.

Our gender-specific treatment programs have a high staff-to-client ratio which allows our expert clinicians to provide maximum support for our clients. Group and individual counseling and psychotherapy address specific issues related to having a dual-diagnosis and start laying the groundwork for long-term recovery. Some disorders may be helped by medications. In these cases, our psychiatrist will closely monitor the effectiveness of the medication therapy on an ongoing basis.

If you or your loved one are struggling with addiction, contact us or call any time at (866) 316-4012. Our accredited staff are here to help.