Rock to Recovery

The Powerful and Healing Experience of Playing Music

One of the most popular activities that both men’s and women’s programs participate in is the creative and fun “Rock to Recovery” sessions during which participants play music in a group setting.

The Benefits of Rocking are Numerous!

The Benefits of Rocking are Numerous!

There is freedom in expressing yourself on your instrument or by singing, and many of the men and women who “jam” with each other in the Rock to Recovery setting cite it as a thrilling and empowering opportunity to express themselves.

Integrating Experiences That Create Momentum in Recovery

By “playing” in this creative and collaborative activity, recovering individuals will be continually creating positive associations and experiencing a euphoric feeling without the aid of drugs or alcohol.

The brain can actually create some of the same chemical combinations that those in recovery used to “self medicate” to experience. There is a very uplifting aspect to expressing oneself with others, and cooperating in a “band like” setting is a great social activity through which bonds are strengthened and the support system of each participant grows and is strengthened.

More Information on Why and How Rock to Recovery Helps the Mind and Spirit

Playing music…

  • …is a uniquely transformative experience
  • …provides a uniquely enjoyable escape from the mind, engaging the left and right brain hemispheres
  • …has been shown to help relieve anxiety, depression, fear, hopelessness, loneliness, cravings, self-loathing
  • …has shown to increase measures of wellness, such as, self-esteem, hope, connection, happiness, joy, and vitality
  • …improves cognitive function by helping to repair neural-pathways

Therapeutic Benefits 

  • Realizing hidden talent and experiencing growing confidence by learning an instrument for the first time or reconnecting with an instrument
  • Music ‘opens’ people up and our songwriting sessions have proven to give people a unique way to express their emotions having a cathartic experience
  • We sing together! (Proven to help brain chemistry and releasing oxytocin)
  • Having fun in recovery/sobriety

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