If you or your loved one is currently suffering from addiction or mental illness – Call us at (866) 316-4012. Balboa Horizons can help inspire change and transform their life toward the path of recovery.

Web Resources

One of the best ways to ensure success in overcoming addiction is to involve a clients’s family in the recovery process. At Balboa Horizons, we are happy to offer workshops and reading material in support of this goal. For more information on dealing with addiction as a family or to explore your recovery options, please visit these sites:

Book Resources

Reading is a great way to learn more about what your loved one may be experiencing as they deal with addiction. There are many good books on this topic; here are some we recommend that can help you understand their journey toward recovery:

  • The Lost Years, by Constance Curry and Kristina Wandzilak
  • Codependence and the Power of Detachment, by Karen Casey
  • Codependent No More, by Melody Beattie
  • Should You Medicate Your Child’s Mind, Dr. Elizabeth Roberts
  • Journey of the Heroic Parent, by Brad Reidy

Family Workshops

We encourage families of our patients to attend free family recovery workshops at our facility, which can help them understand more about what their loved ones are dealing with and how they can be of support. Please join us!

Free family workshops:

Every Thursday
6:30 p.m.
129 Cabrillo Street
Costa Mesa, CA. 92627

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To learn more about supporting your loved ones through their journey, view our video with more information on Balboa Horizons’ recovery services.