Women’s Rehab Schedule

A properly regimented rehab schedule is the cornerstone for the foundation of any good treatment center. Also, length of treatment has proven to be highly indicative of long term sobriety and that is why we recommend a 90 day model.

The right schedule is absolutely crucial for our clients to stay productive and healthy. In treatment “idle time is the Devil’s playground.” It is with this philosophy in mind that the women at Balboa Horizons are given a complete, rounded schedule, which includes but is not limited to:

• Therapeutic and other recovery based groups
• Nutritional study
• Numerous physical activities
• Meditative and 12 step oriented groups
• Creative Workshops

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Clients are also given individualized treatment plans and assigned a personal Case Manger and a personal Therapist. This creates care based on an individualized basis. Balboa Horizons is a program designed to treat Clients of all sects, creeds, cultural backgrounds, religion or lack of religion, however we must always bare in mind the individual, and that is why much of our therapy and clinical case management takes place on a one on one basis. This concept also serves to create an intimate and comfortable therapeutic setting for our residents.

Nutrition in Treatment

Our clients are always free to make choices in regards what they eat. It is our nutritional guidance that helps them to make the right choices, as it is all too easy to develop unhealthy eating patterns in early recovery. We guide our clients as such, always in a helpful and nonjudgmental way.

Addicts will often use food as an emotional crutch, or a barrier between themselves and the issue at hand. This can be quite common, especially in the first 90 days of treatment. These patterns often stem from a sense that of a lack of control in an addict and can take place when a person new to sobriety is exercising a level of vulnerability that he or she might not be used to. In light of these facts we provide extensive, informative nutritional guidance.

Recovery Community

In residential treatment it is important that a greater sense of communal camaraderie take place. The women of Balboa Horizons provide one another with the support necessary to thrive in early recovery. A great jumping off point for implementing these concepts in our client’s treatment is our scheduled morning chores. Clients start their day by working together to accomplish certain tasks around the house, which keeps them thriving in unity.


Next on the agenda of an average day is meditation. There is no better way for a newly recovering addict to start their day than with some simple meditative exercises. We at Balboa Horizons understand that many of our clients are new to these concepts, and that is why we start at the beginning. Sometimes the most effective meditation exercises can be boiled down to just simple breathing techniques. We give all of our clients the chance to move at their own pace. Some of the proven benefits of meditation include but are not limited to:

• Helping to eliminate stress
• Contributing to productivity throughout the day
• Heightening awareness, brain chemistry, and neurological functionality
• Lowering depression
• Serving to optimize energy throughout the day

Along with meditation we work with our clients on intention setting. This serves as a plan of action for the day. With our guidance, this is a time for our clients to set goals for the day and talk about their fears as well as what they hope to achieve throughout the day.


Process groups give our clients an opportunity to check in and share about what’s going on with them, both with a counselor and with each other.

Clients will take cues from counselors and from each other as they share their own experiences with one another and work towards solution-oriented goals on the quest to better understand their disease and how it will continue to correlate with the recovery process. Process groups are a key part of any residential treatment center because they contribute to the personal therapeutic balance of the client’s well-being.

Later in the morning our clients have the opportunity get their creative juices flowing with art therapy. Clients are able to bring any negative or positive thoughts, feelings, emotions, or ideas to the table. The hope is as always, that our clients will have tangible projects that they can walk away from feeling accomplished. This tends to greatly contribute to the client’s self-confidence and emotional well-being.

Other groups throughout the day include:

• Co-dependency and Boundaries
• Psychodrama
• Trauma
• Relapse Prevention
• Accountability
• Budgeting and Meal Planning
• Life Skills

Physical Fitness and the 12 Steps

Afternoons are always reserved for physical exercise. This is another area that can serve crucially in early recovery. Exercise is not only another huge contributor to a person’s well-being and the self-confidence it can also change someone’s entire outlook and perspective on their day, combating fatigue and depression.

One of the most crucial focal points for someone early in recovery is 12-step associated activity. Throughout the day, our clients will have several opportunities to uproot themselves in the 12 steps. Clients will be attending 12 step meetings on a nightly basis and will be active in step work.

The 12 steps have proven to be truly effective in treating the disease of addiction and alcoholism since they were formulated in 1935, and continue to work in the lives of millions of men and women who still suffer from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. It is always with this in mind we continue with the course of action that still works.