Women’s Addiction Treatment

When Change Is Needed

Balboa Horizons understands that it takes a woman a great deal of humility and courage to reach out for help and to make the choice to seek women’s addiction treatment and choose a life free from drugs, alcohol, and harmful behaviors.

The Women’s Addiction Treatment Program at Balboa Horizons provides a caring and enthusiastic environment that focuses on self-compassion and self-forgiveness alongside the development of important life-skills needed to make a change.

Time Spent in Addiction

The period of time a woman has spent abusing drugs and alcohol, and engaging in associated behaviors, should not define her as a person. With the right help and support, change is always possible no matter how seemingly impossible the circumstances.

What Keeps Women Sick

Sadly, many women in active addiction do not make the decision to seek treatment until their substance abuse problem has reached a crisis level.

Social Stigma of Addiction

The daunting social stigma that surrounds addiction and alcoholism, coupled with a battered self-esteem produced by a series of unhealthy lifestyle choices, often contributes to the prevalent tendency of women to deny and disguise their substance abuse.

Women have been known to become exceptional homemakers, students, careerists, friends, employees, and community leaders in order to veil their addiction with an exterior of undeniable competency.

When successful at these endeavors, few people in a woman’s life will question her choices or will see any signs of desperation or despair, let alone suspect a serious substance abuse problem.

Irresponsible Behaviors

Other women, less able to maintain a composed outward appearance, may head in the opposite direction: completely giving up on all responsibilities and aspirations. These women come to accept the emptiness of their addicted life and attempt to “check-out” of their reality entirely.

How a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center Can Help

Balboa Horizons addresses these issues by working directly with the family of each client and with other loved ones who serve as the client’s support system. Our program is designed to give everyone involved in the recovery process the tools and skills needed to cope with the aftermath of an addiction; with ongoing life events that may trigger negative habitual conditioning, responses, and actions; and with moving forward, as a person with a substance abuse habit learns to make positive life changes.

The solutions-oriented approach taken with each client in the Women’s Addiction Treatment Program promotes a journey of relief, healing, and continued support for the entire family through each stage of recovery.

Healing At Balboa Horizons

For all women, the safe haven of Balboa Horizons offers a guilt-free environment that fosters freedom from the facades and self-defeating behaviors of active addiction or alcoholism. We have created a program with integrity, confidentiality, and a level of compassion that enables women to reveal and / or discover truths about who they are, to heal from the past, and to hope for the future.

Shame is confronted, addressed, and undone. Real camaraderie is developed. Mutual support is shared. Love and self-respect flourishes with new bonds and in new relationships with other women. Through gender-specific treatment practices, our clients are empowered to share their experiences, to recognize both their individual and group strengths, and to discover the life that each wants to be living — one in which they, as restored persons, can grow toward their full potential.

Holistic Recovery Approach

The holistic programs offered in the Women’s Addiction Treatment Program at Balboa Horizons focus on the development of the whole woman within a community of support which allows for transformational growth while past liabilities are dismantled and discarded.

The treatment team at Balboa Horizons works with each client as an individual to create a unique treatment plan. Progress is tracked each day and each week to ensure positive steps in the right direction with goals and applicable objectives being constantly monitored and adjusted as needed. With years of treating females suffering from addiction and alcoholism, the team at Balboa Horizons understands the comprehensive care women need to own and command a lasting recovery from substance abuse.

Inside the Women’s Addiction Treatment Program

A scheduled program day allows our clients a bit of downtime, but structure is critically important as life changes are made. Building simple order into daily life, something that has most likely not happened in quite a while, creates consistent circadian rhythms, which in turn helps the brain to rebalance its chemistry after alterations from substance abuse.

Restful sleep also helps give the body time to repair, and provides a foundation for operations each day as the woman gradually determines the best life systems for herself. With regular times to wake up, to go to sleep, to eat meals, and to participate in various programs, Balboa women grow accustomed to healthy self-care practices, and can begin to rely on their new consistency as a frame of reference for how to develop their lives going forward.

Yoga, meditation, intention setting, process groups with peers, art therapy, Big Book Study, community service, exercise, Twelve Step Meetings, daily chores, psychodrama sessions, individual therapy, codependency and boundaries work, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Balboa Horizons Alumni Meetings, scheduled mealtimes, trauma work, sessions on learning accountability, relapse prevention techniques, homework review, life skills and nutrition training, community outings, and personal time. . . all contribute to the well-rounded development of our clients while participating in the Women’s Addiction Treatment Program at Balboa Horizons. Learn more by viewing the schedule.

What Women Need in Treatment

Important features of an effective approach for treating females suffering from addiction and alcoholism:

1. Addressing shame
2. Identifying the possible presence of another disorder
3. Resolving initial causes for substance use.


Shame must be processed, both in individual treatment sessions with an assigned counselor, and with peers in group processing sessions. If a particular event, or cluster of behaviors, has contributed to emotional paralysis and / or a deeply negative self-image, a woman may feel unable to talk. What surprises many clients is how many other women in her therapy group are able relate to what she has done in her past.

Group support in a safe environment allows each client to open up and self-disclose past experiences, without fearing judgment. The potential to give and receive honest feedback paired with opportunities to help others increases a client’s self-worth, confidence, and sense of meaningful contribution.

Dual Diagnosis, or Two Disorders

In many cases of substance abuse, another disorder is present: a mental illness or an eating disorder. If a woman has untreated depression, she may have started drinking in an effort to self-medicate. A woman with weight or body image problems may have started abusing stimulants to reduce her appetite and sense of self-loathing.

When two diagnosable sets of symptoms are applicable to one person, she has what is known as a “dual diagnosis”. Treatment for each disorder must address the symptoms of each disorder individually, but also in relation to each other. Balboa Horizons offers exceptional client assessment and treatment for those who present with dual diagnosis.

Addressing Initial Reasons for Substance Use

For women, the reasons for initial substance use are different than what they are for men who start using drugs and alcohol. Relationships, both romantic and with family members, are the primary reason for female substance abuse. The stress and negative effects that result from relational problems lead women self-medicate in an attempt to escape from reality, or dull painful emotions.

The staff at Balboa Horizons are trained to help each female identify her own reasons for use, and bring underlying issues to the surface, that they might confronted and addressed in order to ensure lasting recovery. Clients begin to heal when emotions are repaired, and new healthy relationships are formed.

Women need women, and we understand that. With gender-specific programs, our clients get personalized services catered to them individually and as a peer group. The women at Balboa Horizons graduate from our facility with confidence, community, and most importantly, a new personal foundation for continued sobriety.

Each client’s success is our success, and we are truly passionate about helping each client’s healing process and recovery from drugs and alcohol. To happiness and new life!