The process of recovery truly begins after the individual who has been using drugs or alcohol detoxifies and has the substance of abuse completely exit their system. Only then can the man or woman will begin to “come out of the fog” of their drug use and be able to start the process of building a recovery network and learning how to identify triggers and make a plan of what to do when they occur.


Many individuals who are mentally and physically addicted to drugs or alcohol fear the detoxification process because of the discomfort of experiencing the withdrawals. This fear can be a major source of anxiety.

While it definitely can be unpleasant to detoxify from alcohol or drugs (particularly opiates) there are many advancements that have come along which will allow us to make the process more comfortable. Medications can be administered by our consulting psychiatrist that can reduce discomfort.

Above all, safety is a priority and our support staff will be monitoring detoxing individuals 24 hours a day and licensed nurses will be on hand throughout the process.

Men’s Detox is On-Site at Our Facility

In June of 2016 we opened our Best Way Men’s Detox right on site at Balboa (read the press release here). As with all programs at Balboa, genders are separated and the process of detoxification will be overseen by Dr. Elizabeth Roberts who is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Typical Sleeping Quarters

Typical Sleeping Quarters

For women, transportation services are provided to a top-ranked, medically-monitored detox facility where around the clock supervision will be provided as well.

In both locations, your well-being is assured for by our medical staff who will take every measure possible to alleviate any discomfort you experience. Advancements in the medical management of detox have created great ways to reduce the difficulty of withdrawal.

Beginning Long Term Recovery

Good news: After detox is finished, you never have to go through it again! You can start the process of recovery to make major life changes without opiates.

After detox, you will begin residential, inpatient treatment in our gender-specific program. This will begin the healing process from that you deserve. You will meet many others who are also in recovery and the bonds you create will support you throughout the critical first year of recovery.

Through the wide variety of therapeutic processes, you will learn about your triggers and the steps that you will take in the future to manage the stresses and cravings of life.

You can do it, and Balboa Horizons is here to help! You will detox safely and receive the treatment you need so you do not have to do this again.

Ready for a change? Take back the life addiction has stolen from you. You do not need to live like this. Our treatment team is here for you, and ready to help you transform your life one day at a time!