Residential Rehab Program

Overwhelming evidence shows that 90 days sober marks the beginning of both the physical and mental benefits of sobriety (which is why our 90 day program is our signature program. However, our program is designed to do much more that simply give our clients 90 days of sobriety. Our residential rehab program creates a solid foundation for a successful recovery from alcohol and drug addictions.

The rehab process begins with a mental health assessment to get a baseline. Next is a treatment plan that the client and the treatment team are part of creating. Clinical services utilize a range of modalities to help clients understand and apply the thinking and emotional perspective necessary to become the person they want to be; the person in the mirror they like again. Our clients arrive to rehab tired of living the life they are living. They are ready, however uncertain and nervous, to change their lives and feel better. We understand. No one wants to realize they may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. The team at Balboa Horizons knows how to get from that point of frustration and shame, to a place where our men can feel proud again, accept themselves and understand the how and why about how they got there, while envisioning and executing a plan for a successful future.

Our program is structured from a daily schedule perspective with not a lot of down time to just hang out. However, daily fitness and recreational events are always built in. Studies show that participating in long groups for most of the day during early recovery is not effective. Information is simply not retained.