Men’s Addiction Treatment

Our program offers an environment that promotes openness and acceptance.

Caring & Highly Effective Treatment for Men

Designed specifically for men, with our average age group of 18-34, however we do have clients of all ages attend our programs. The men’s drug alcohol program offers features that extend beyond what other treatment centers offer. Our program provides a treatment model that combines the latest in evidence-based addiction therapy and clinical intervention with an immersion in 12-Step practices.

Structured Recovery Program

Our program is structured from a daily schedule perspective — not a lot of down time to just hang out. However, daily fitness and recreational events are always built in. Studies show that participating in long groups for most of the day during early recovery is not effective. Information is simply not retained. Balance in life is the objective; therefore our program teaches and implements this philosophy. The men that participate in our program are good people who have been off track for some time. The goal is to re-introduce them to a core set of values many were raised with, while helping them accept who they are now and encourage success for the future.

Men’s Dual Diagnosis Rehab

Balboa Horizons drug and alcohol treatment program is a true dual diagnosis program. This means that we are adept at addressing the addiction or drinking issues and any mild to moderate mental and emotional health issues. Our therapists are licensed clinicians with significant experience. Our entire program is licensed by the State of California.

The alcohol and drug treatment program developed by Balboa Horizons integrates therapy services and experiences that really work. Our psychiatrist, counselors, and team have designed a drug and alcohol treatment program for men that takes into account the most important variable—the client; not just his current, self-defeating and often regrettable behaviors. We meet the clients where they are and provide them with the appropriate tools needed for growth.

Balboa Horizons offers 5 Phases of Treatment for Recovery

Beginning with our highly-individualized Residential Treatment, Balboa Horizons programs continue after discharge with a step-down to our Extended Care program and then to a clinically-supervised Intensive Outpatient Program with Sober Living. Taken together, these stages offer a customizable continuum that will support the client at every stage of recovery. Designed for individuals with a history of relapse and complexity, our programs are for clients and families who know they need more than the traditional 28-day model.