Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis is a medical term that explains why many young adults today will self medicate or utilize other forms of addiction to feel better. These symptoms can be difficult. if not impossible, to identify in the beginning of the recovery process. However, once our client has an opportunity to safely remove the drugs/alcohol from their system, further assessments can be made by our clinical staff to uncover underlying issues that may have precipitated the need and use of drug abuse, alcoholism, sex, or eating disorders to self-medicate.

Balboa Horizons Successfully Treats Dual Diagnosis

At Balboa Horizons Treatment Center, we have discovered through successfully treating many men & women of all ages, that most people do in fact suffer from dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorders such at depression, alcoholism, bipolar and eating disorders. The first step in the recovery process is to stabilize the client via detox or other methods, and remove the addictions for the patient in a safe, loving, and controlled environment so that addiction counseling and therapy can commence. Utilizing non-judgmental evaluations made with love, acceptance and support; assist us in determining and diagnosing the underlying issues that cause the addiction and/or resulting trauma.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Men & Women in an Inspirational Environment

Our gender-specific treatment programs have a high staff to client ratio and this allows our expert clinicians to meet each patient “where they are” in the recovery process and stat laying the groundwork for long term recovery.

Part of that process is often the discovery of underlying issues like depression, anxiety, and trauma and our consulting physicians can prescribe the appropriate medication that will help manage the disorder that is co-occurring with the addiction, so that both can be addressed.

Years of Successful Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

Balboa Horizons Treatment Team has continued success in recovery for our clients is attributed to our in-depth understanding and treatment model as it relates specifically to those who are experiencing co-occurring/dual diagnosis disorders. Please call us today for immediate assistance.