Balboa Horizons offers a full continuum of gender-separate addiction treatment programs for males and females. Access to comprehensive treatment provides a valuable continuity of care for our clients, their families, and the referring medical professionals. Our facilities are located in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, California.

Ten years of experience and clinical data shows that treatment outcomes are substantially improved when males and females are separated into their own programs. Balboa Horizons bases its gender-separate philosophy on this data. Gender-separate treatment helps us create an atmosphere of openness and acceptance for each group. Our clients are able to apply the tools they learn in treatment to improve their interpersonal relationships, learn to model acceptable behaviors, and participate as an active member of a community.

Based on decades of research, we have developed a treatment program that provides our clients the best chance for successful recovery. Although our treatment is individualized, clients who have followed the recommended treatment process have had excellent success in maintaining their new, sober lifestyle.

Balboa Horizons Recommended Treatment Process

Our comprehensive treatment process

This unique treatment model offers opportunities to evaluate recovery progress in a supportive environment and identify challenges to sustainable recovery prior to discharge.