Clinical Team

Burr Cook

Burr Cook

Executive Clinical Director


As Executive Clinical Director, Burr oversees clinical operations at Balboa Horizons. He has worked in healthcare since the mid-1970s and has worked in state-licensed inpatient addiction treatment centers and detoxification facilities as a nurse, counselor, program developer and director, educator, and director of admissions since 2003.

Burr is a Board Registered Interventionist through the Association of Intervention Specialist Credentialing Board (AISCB), a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC II), a Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor (NCAC), Certified Intervention Professionals (CIP), and a Registered Nurse. He is a member of the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC), the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC), and past President of Network of Independent Interventionists (NII). He also served on the boards of NII and PALM (Problems of Addiction in Labor and Management). His experience and knowledge of the intervention, treatment, and recovery process has given him the resources and skills necessary to implement comprehensive, effective recovery plans for clients and their families.

Burr believes an essential piece of recovery is the participation of the entire family in the recovery process.

Dr. Elizabeth Roberts

Medical Director

Dr. Elizabeth Roberts has been caring for the patients at Balboa Horizons for over 5 years. She is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology. Dr. Roberts is responsible for the evaluation and diagnosis of every patient who comes through our program and manages the psychiatric medication for all of Balboa Horizons clientele. She has been practicing psychiatry for over 25 years. Her passion for protecting psychiatric patients from the harmful effects of being over-medicated by doctors has inspired her writings.

Dr. Roberts has published a book and articles on the subject of patients being mis-diagnosed and over-medicated. Her publications brought her to the attention of a House Sub-committee who was investigating the harmful effects of psychiatric medications on children as it follows them into adulthood. Dr. Roberts was invited to testify in Washington DC as an expert witness before this House Committee on the damaging effects of mis-diagnosis and over-medicating of psychiatric patients. Dr. Roberts has appeared on The Oprah Show, The Today Show, ABC News in Chicago, CBS News Los Angeles, NBC News in San Francisco and CNN. She was featured as the addiction expert on the educational video: “Think Don’t Drink.” Her radio appearances include: Washington Post Radio, Washington D.C.; The Milt Rosenberg Show, Chicago; The Pete Wilson Show, San Francisco; Positive Parenting, San Francisco, and others. Dr. Roberts has been published in the Op-Ed pages of The Washington Post and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and quoted in other publications such as the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times. She is the author of the book: “Should You Medicate Your Child’s Mind.”

Dr Roberts completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, her Medical Degree at Rush Medical College in Chicago, her Psychiatric Residency at the University of Hawaii and her Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Dr. Roberts believes an essential part of addiction recovery is addressing a person’s mental health issues with a measured approach and not with an abundance of sedating or dangerous psychiatric medications.

Dr. Jim Tracy

Family Program Facilitator


Dr. Tracy graduated from Georgetown University School of Dentistry in 1979 and practiced General Dentistry for over 20 years. He is a nationally recognized educator on addiction, interventions, chronic pain and family treatment and has consulted and developed family programs for some of the top addiction treatment centers in the country. He is founder and past Vice President of The Betty Ford Center’s Licensed Professional Recovery Program. His experience has allowed him to serve as Chairman of the Dental Board of California’s Diversion Evaluation Committee, the Medical Board of California Diversion Evaluation Committee and the Lawyers Assistance Program for the State Bar of California.

Dr. Tracy is a Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Psychodramatist, and a certified experiential therapist.  He has a special interest in developing effective family programs utilizing experiential and psychodramatic methods.  He conducts specialized family workshops and long-term family case management and monitoring. In addition to facilitating family programs, Dr. Tracy continues to work as an interventionist facilitating family and young adult interventions, impaired professional interventions, as well as specializing in intervention and treatment of patients with Chronic Pain and Dependency and their families.

Holly Han

Holly Han

Clinical Director

Psy.D., M.F.T.

Holly is the Clinical Director at Balboa Horizons. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and also holds a doctoral degree in psychoanalysis which she obtained from Newport Psychoanalytic Institute in 2008.

She has been in the addiction treatment field for almost 20 years and has worked in drug court, private practice, and other residential settings. She has taught courses on addiction and also supervises and provides consultation for other therapists.

Holly believes that all people suffering from addiction deserve the help they need to move from a life driven by inner compulsion to a life driven by inner freedom.

Allyssa James

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Allyssa is an LMFT, as well the Clinical Manager at Balboa Horizons. She also supervises therapist interns currently obtaining hours toward licensure. She has worked with addiction and eating disorder programs for the past six years.

A supportive and personable therapist, Allyssa is passionate about helping her clients grow and heal along their own recovery path. She chose the recovery field after undergoing recovery of her own.

Allyssa believes an essential piece of recovery is learning to find gratitude in everyday life—both the triumphs and the challenges.

Marissa Murray


As Detox Program Manager, Marissa is responsible for supervising all aspects of the detox center, including staffing and working one on one with clients—coordinating admissions, treatment planning, scheduling, and facilitating medical needs.

A registered member of the California Drug and Alcohol Counselor Certification Program (CADCA), Marissa has worked in the recovery industry since 2008—in every role from case management to detox program director at another recovery center.

Marissa believes an essential piece of recovery is practicing it as a spiritual journey.

Bruce Kolberg


After spending nearly 20 years in construction, Bruce made the decision to follow his passion for helping men recover from addiction. He is currently the lead counselor for the Men’s Program helping supervise the other men’s counselors. He studied at Intercoast College in the California Certification Board of Alcohol and Drug Counseling (CADAC) program where he graduated on the Director’s Honor Roll.

In the recovery industry since 2012, Bruce believes an essential piece of recovery is realigning priorities and changing perceptions.

Caitlin Murashie

Women’s Program Director


As Women’s Program Director, Caitlin is responsible for directing and managing the treatment counselors for the Balboa Horizons Women’s Program. Her duties include staff and program development, documentation audits, crisis interventions, and client and employee scheduling. She is also responsible for advising the support staff and support staff supervisor.

A Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Registered Recovery Worker, Caitlin acquired her degree from Health Staff Training Institute in 2008 and has worked in a variety of treatment programs, including adolescent and detoxification facilities. Caitlin’s years of participation in 12-Step recovery programs allow her to provide outstanding support to clients and families affected by addiction.

Caitlin believes an essential piece of recovery is the willingness to take action to unseat old patterns.

George Hoke


As IOP Director, George is responsible for crisis management, one-on-one client counseling sessions, as well as facilitating psychoeducational group sessions, and overseeing the entire Balboa Horizons IOP program.

A Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor with over 16 years in recovery, and 20 years experience in sales, he parlays his business acumen into helping clients develop life skills and a workable plan for the future. Through volunteering, George found his life’s purpose in helping other people with their personal recovery.

George believes an essential piece of recovery is learning how to form authentic relationships.

Julia Westman


Julia is a Women’s Residential Case Manager at Balboa Horizons, responsible for case management, group and individual counseling, treatment, and discharge planning. Day-to-day responsibilities also include crisis intervention, process groups and client education. She also works closely with the clients’ families.

A Registered Addiction Specialist, Julia has worked in the recovery industry since 2012 and has wide experience in the field of addiction treatment, having served in roles from support staff to case management.

Julia believes an essential piece of recovery is to always ask yourself where you are in your spiritual journey and who are you helping.

Jarrod Flynn

Men’s Program Director


Jarrod Flynn is a certified alcohol and drug counselor with the addiction certification board of California. He started working in the recovery industry in 2006, and soon discovered he had a true passion for helping those suffering from addiction.

He then decided to follow his lifelong dream of becoming a paramedic, and earned his California Paramedic License in 2012. Jarrod uses his varied experiences and certifications to contribute to his ability to see clients through the full phases of recovery from addiction.

Jarrod believes an essential piece of recovery is seeking out the right supportive environment and believing that a joyous and sober future is possible.

Joey Osinski


I was born and raised in the Pacific North West. I have multiple years of sobriety and came to Balboa as a client. Due to my amazing experience at Balboa Horizons and personal journey of recovery, I found my passion in helping others. Since working in the recovery field I have worked as Men’s support staff at the residential level and as a lead support staff for detox.

I have also worked on the clinical team here at Balboa Horizons at both the Men’s residential program and currently working as an addiction counselor for our STRIVE IOP program. I try to live a life of service helping others find their way out of addiction and work towards their personal goals of achievement. In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym, spending time with family, and hiking. I believe an essential piece of recovery is learning to love ourselves again and understand that our past actions do not define who we are as an individual.

Wesley Geer

Director of Rock to Recovery

Wes has been a professional musician for over 20 years. He first found success as the founding member of Jive Records artist Hed P.E. as guitarist, songwriter and producer. After touring the world for eight years, Wes left the band for a lifestyle change and ultimately landed in rehab. Then in 2010, at almost three years sober, he was approached to play with the legendary band Korn. He joined Korn and worked with them as their touring guitarist for the next several years, traveling to 42 countries, headlining shows, playing to crowds of 80,000 people, and appearing on a number of recordings and cable and TV shows.

Wes’s music has been featured in many feature films, video games, radio, and television shows. He has also long had a passion for teaching music. Previously a music teacher at The Fusion Academy’s Huntington Beach campus, Wes now directs Balboa Horizons’s Rock to Recovery program.

Wes believes an essential piece of recovery is walking through the discomfort of sober feelings—challenging oneself through personal growth.  By learning to create deeper connections with others, we ultimately find new ways of feeling “high” through life experiences. In playing music together, these elements coalesce organically, providing an uplifting and transformative experience.