Balboa Horizons uses evidence-based techniques as part of our core clinical approach to treating drug or alcohol abuse. Our unique, holistic approach helps identify mental and social factors that are often related to addiction. In other words, we treat the whole person.

We’ve helped help thousands of individuals since our founding in 2004. Our gender-specific programs are based on professional experience and proven clinical methods. There are no one-size-fits-all approaches to addiction. Life is too complicated to fit a person into a box. Our approach reveals patterns throughout an individual’s life that other less comprehensive programs often miss. This enables faster progress through recovery and gets our clients that much closer to a life full of purpose and meaning.

Balboa Horizons provides a full continuum of care for addiction recovery that includes detoxificationintensive outpatient, outpatient and strong aftercare and lifetime support through our extensive alumni network.

If you have a loved one struggling or are struggling yourself, contact our admissions team today and talk with them about how our therapeutic process can help. (866) 316-4012