Balboa Horizons provides individual and group therapy to clients throughout their treatment. Both play a vital and unique role in addiction recovery. Offering both allows us to take a more comprehensive approach.

Individual therapy is a 1:1 interaction between a client and a therapist specializing in addiction. We discuss a wide range of topics, generally focused on the client. This helps ensure the client is being heard, helped, and given suggestions for personal improvement.

In group therapy, the therapist works with a group of people who have similar issues in common. Most of the clients we see at Balboa Horizons have become isolated in their addiction and withdrawn from family and society. Group therapy reintroduces the social component to recovery by providing a safe place for sharing feelings and thoughts.

Upon admissions to Balboa Horizons, each client is assigned a primary therapist and a case manager to work with them individually. All clients attend a few group therapy sessions each week as well as private meetings with a therapist, case manager, and psychiatrist.  

Overall, both individual and group therapy help people to gain valuable insight into their own life. Balboa Horizons has inspired change and transformed lives since 2004.

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