Addiction doesn’t just touch the addict. Families get pulled into their orbit, too, which is why it’s so crucial to involve them in recovery. To a family without an understanding of addiction, it can seem like the addict has simply become withdrawn or angry. They might think it’s because of something done or said when in fact it’s because the person they love has a disease.

Balboa Horizons offers two distinct family support groups: FamilyCares (also known as Family Week) and Family Recovery Workshops. Both groups aim to involve families in the support process and educate them on areas such as:

  • Enabling and codependency
  • The disease of addiction
  • The effects of addiction on both the addict and the family
  • Recovery programs and effective treatment solutions
  • Self care, self esteem, and personal healing

FamilyCares Program

Addiction can cause lasting damage to a family. These issues should be addressed before an addict’s long-term recovery can begin. Balboa Horizons believes that education and therapy are key to helping families cope with addiction.

FamilyCares is a four-day weekend in which families learn how to support the addict—and each other—through rehab and beyond. Our goals are to improve communication, support healthy boundaries, and encourage healing. Also known as Family Week, this model dramatically improves an addict’s chances of successful recovery.

Our incredible clinicians guide families through an interactive, lively process that combines lecture, role playing, and group activities.

Family Recovery Workshops

Our Family Recovery Workshops happen every Thursday evening. They’re free and open to the public. Any family dealing with addiction can drop in and receive support in a casual, nurturing setting.

Sessions are led by experienced licensed clinicians. Topics include the psychology of addiction, how to set boundaries with loved ones, and the benefits of community support.

At Balboa Horizons, our focus goes beyond treating the addict. We are committed to helping both addicts and family members develop the tools and skills for a lasting foundation in recovery.

Contact us today to learn more about our family programs or call us any time at (866) 316-4012.