Balboa Horizons provides various activities and groups to give our clients a wholly unique recovery experience. We categorize these into Experiential Therapies, Health & Wellness, and Meditation.

Experiential Therapies

Rock to Recovery

Music is a powerful tool to help calm the mind. For individuals in early recovery, feeling included while connecting with others helps create lasting sobriety. Rock to Recovery gives individuals that have suffered through abuse, neglect, drug and alcohol addiction, and devastating life events a platform to have fun, connect, create music, and share it with others.

Surf Therapy

Surf therapy is an excellent tool to help deal with strong egos. Getting out into the water, especially with people who haven’t been before, can be challenging. Even the strongest of wills must submit to the ocean’s power. Its constant churn has a calming effect and allows individuals to experience what it’s like to go with the flow. Many who use drugs or have abused alcohol are used to doing things their way, but when we introduce them to surfing for the first time they get exposed to a different, and humbling perspective.  

Health & Wellness

24 Hour Fitness

The damage done to the body during a drinking spell or drug abuse can lead to a rapid decline in health. Balboa Horizons has partnered with 24 Hour Fitness to help heal the body through proper exercise. Working out at least four times per week alleviates stress and boosts self-esteem, much needed for people in early recovery.


Yoga is not only good for your body. Done properly, it’s also good for your mind. Mindfulness and concentration help regain focus on life’s simple pleasures, which is empowering. Yoga at Balboa Horizons is done at the pace of the individual. Getting the body into action through yoga helps increase flexibility, build muscle strength, lose weight, and improve self-esteem.


Gong Therapy

Gong therapy has been around for thousands of years. This type of therapy relies on therapeutic gong sounds to bring about healing. Pillows, blankets, and relaxation are key to this type of meditation. The instructor will immerse you in a “bath” of sounds. The type of relaxation and sensations our clients get from sound therapy help reduce stress, calm a troubled mind, and teach contentment.


Breathwork helps improve the mood and emotional state of an individual. It has been also been found to decrease depression and reduce physical pain. By allowing individuals to locate troubled parts of the body through breathwork, they can then learn to decrease the interference that pain has on their mind and body. This improves quality of sleep and overall health.

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