Orange County Rehabs

Orange County Rehabs

If you are an alcoholic or addict you may have several reasons why you are using drugs or alcohol. Some of those reasons could, in fact, stop you from searching for treatment. Understanding how you can deal with this negative way of thinking will help you to move forward and get the help you so desperately need for recovery. Drug and alcohol treatment often works and it is one of the more effective methods to fight and defeat this devastating disease. As like many diseases, drug addiction can successfully be treated with physician assistance, and oftentimes with the help of prescribed medications.

Top Rated Orange County Rehabs

Orange County rehabs are not the same. Balboa Horizons is recognized as a top rated the substance abuse treatment center. We have an excellent track record with our current and past clients. We strive in treating every one of our clients and their families with kindness, respect, and with the dignity that they deserve. This type of high level treatment is what Balboa Horizons is known for.  No matter whether you require our services on an outpatient basis or perhaps you need our inpatient program you will find a peaceful atmosphere and a caring staff from start to finish. Come experience the difference for yourself.

Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment

Our drug and alcohol residential therapy plans concentrate on personalized client care, giving you the greatest chance at long term recovery. The rigorous integrative strategies we have in place allow for transformation to occur. Balboa Horizons clients experience change within our program that helps them live a productive life free from addiction. Our incredible staff members design a private plan of treatment for each client’s needs, to help them get the best possible care. We don’t just help our clients recover we give them the best shot at having long term success. While other Orange County rehabs focus on 30 day programs many of our clients end up staying 4 to 6 months. These are just a few of the reasons why Balboa Horizons has a positive reputation in our industry and is said to be the most trusted and sought-after program in the nation.

Every Client is Treated as an Individual

Our talented clinicians help create individual connection with each client, enabling us to gain trust and help our clients more effectively. The treatment plans our clinicians utilize are derived from each client’s particular needs and objectives for treatment. We focus on continuing recovery by offering a purposeful recovery education for our clients to concentrate on get their lives back on track. We feel that everybody must be offered the very best chance for a full and long-term recovery, which is why we continue to ensure the highest quality of care.

If you would like to learn more regarding one of the best Orange County rehabs in the nation, Balboa Horizons would like to speak with you. Call us today at (866) 316-4012, and speak with one of our friendly admissions team members.