IOP Program Orange County

IOP Program Orange County

There are a variety of ways to treat substance abuse disorder. One of the most effective ways is follow up a residential treatment program by attending an intensive outpatient program or IOP.  Balboa Horizons is an IOP program in Orange County and our program consists of counseling, group, and other activities 3 days per week. This specific type of  program is not as intense as a residential program. Patients who attend Balboa’s IOP program in Orange County are usually ready to begin their life immediately, without the need to detox. Balboa Horizons provides compelling and extremely effective intensive outpatient treatment which is proven to deliver amazing results.

Balboa Horizons’ Specialized IOP Program in Orange County

At Balboa Horizons, we are recognized for providing the most innovative and specialized IOP program in Orange County, and throughout the nation. We have a remarkable staff of qualified professionals who are highly skilled and knowledgeable in recovery from substance abuse. Our STRIVE IOP program offers many specific ways for us to assist you in giving your life structure and support. You will be able to work with our experts in many unique areas of your life, offering guidance, counseling and support to give you a better chance at a life of sobriety and happiness. Our program also offers, resume assistance, life skills counseling, 12 step recovery and so much more.

Addiction Treatment without Residential Care

Intensive outpatient therapy from Balboa Horizons provides just the right support to help our clients move on into their next phase in life. People who come to Balboa Horizons receive guidance and direction by friendly,  knowledgeable and credentialed employees. Intense outpatient is a good match for people who have gone through and have successfully completed a residential treatment program and are looking to get back to their careers, or schooling.

Addiction Treatment without Leaving Orange County

People who get into these treatments receive guidance and direction by knowledgeable and credentialed employees, some of whom will remain with the person throughout the course of their entire healing program. Many people want the assistance of friends and family members if they hope to attain addiction recovery results. Intensive outpatient is a good match for these people, as it allows them to return home at the conclusion of every counseling day and find consolation in the comfort of their own environments.

If you would like some additional information regarding our IOP program in Orange County, Balboa Horizons invites you to speak with one of our friendly and caring outpatient specialists call now (866) 316-4012.