Substance abuse and behavioral health treatment success is often dependent on how accessible tools and resources are in an emergency.

Since 2004, Balboa Horizons has been committed to helping employees and their families through evidence-based substance abuse treatment. We offer immediate assistance to EAP’s and MAP’s in need of confidential and timely intervention and assessment. Balboa works closely with employee representatives in providing premium, individualized substance abuse and behavioral health treatment, as well as follow-up services aimed at life-long recovery to workers in need. Additionally, Balboa offers education and prevention training designed to address problems that adversely impact organizational performance and overall quality of work, and life.

Labor Assistance Professionals

Addiction in the United States is at an unprecedented level. People we know are dying. The opioid epidemic has further complicated the way in which organizational performance and outcomes are addressed. Balboa Horizons understands the importance of helping workers in times of crisis. Providing trusted support to caring representatives confronted by difficult decisions and actions is essential. After all, helping people return to work healthy and productive is our business.

Common misconceptions about drug and alcohol treatment are that it’s not going to be effective. The efficacy of our program comes from a dedicated team built to help employees achieve personal and job-related success. Some of the brightest people have addiction problems. Regardless of which mind-altering substance is being used, our experienced clinical and support staff helps suffering addicts through their worst moments of anxiety and self-defeating behaviors. Our continuum of care includes medical detoxification, intensive outpatient, outpatient, strong aftercare components, and lifetime support through our extensive alumni network. Balboa also offers a dual-diagnosis track for those suffering from certain co-occurring disorders.

Our professional clinicians provide guidance, support, and develop customized treatment plans to address the issues each individual is dealing with. We love what we do and those we have the privilege to serve. Our team works closely with labor assistance professionals and employee representatives, providing access for supportive visits and appropriate updates throughout the treatment process. Balboa understands that a successful return to work and an improved quality of life requires effective collaboration between all concerned parties. Our goal requires that we assist you from start to finish.

Balboa Horizons is a fully licensed and accredited treatment center, receiving the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval—the highest ranking possible for addiction treatment.

For immediate help or to simply learn more about the collaborate services Balboa Horizons offers, don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time: (866) 316-4012