Dual Diagnosis Orange County

Dual Diagnosis Orange County

An individual who has a dual diagnosis condition has both a psychological and substance abuse issues at the same time. Occasionally, psychological issue takes place first. This could lead individuals to use alcohol or drugs which make them feel better for the time being. Sometimes, the substance abuse takes place first, and with time, could lead to mental and emotional issues. Someone with a dual diagnosis must address both conditions. For the treatment to work, the individual must stop using drugs and alcohol. At Balboa Horizons, we offer effective and powerful solutions for dual diagnosis in Orange County for those who are having to struggle with both issues.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Care

At Balboa Horizons, we have developed new and innovative treatment program for those who have been suffering from dual diagnosis in Orange County, and throughout the entire region of the state. We have several treatment programs that work on an individual basis, and in a group type setting, as well.

Balboa Horizons provides expert treatment with gender-specific programming, and that tends to take a lot of pressure off of many individuals. Being in a relaxed and welcoming environment gives people a more favorable atmosphere where they can focus on their recovery. We also provide an extremely high staff-to-patient ratio, meaning there is an increased amount of one-on-one time between you and your therapist.

Addiction and Mental Health

Dual diagnosis is not as uncommon as you might think it is. In reality, estimates from many studies have indicated that almost four million Americans over the age of eighteen suffer from a major mental health condition coupled with drug or alcohol addiction.

Not many people with dual diagnosis actually look for treatment, however. It’s been estimated that just sixteen percent of people struggling with both a mental health condition and a drug or alcohol addiction look for any type of assistance.

Treating the Underlying Issues of Addiction

It’s not unusual for individuals to seek out substances, like alcohol, to handle life stressers like a psychological health condition. In many instances, the use of a substance can allow the person to escape from their troubles and experience a feeling of pleasure. Nevertheless, this is just temporary because as the person goes on to use substances as a means to manage, they don’t find out crucial coping skills or even deal with the root issues causing their illness.

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