Drug Detox Orange County

Drug Detox Orange County

Drug detoxification, or simply detox, typically refers to the procedure of ridding harmful poisons from the body. In the situation of substance abuse, detox typically refers to the amount of time that the body is actually permitted to process or even metabolize drugs and alcohol in the body and also, in doing so, removes their contaminating influence. This particular treatment is completed with the proper care of mental and medical health professionals.

The detoxification process is for individuals undergoing the agonizing symptoms and potential health complication, which could occur from ending substance use. Balboa Horizons offers proven and innovative drug detox in Orange County for those who are struggling with the powerful grip of addiction.

Effective Drug Detox in Orange County

At Balboa Horizons, we are known for providing effective and successful drug detox in Orange County, and throughout the state. We have an amazing staff of medical professions who specialize in the treatment of drug addiction and recovery. Our beautiful facilities are located close to the beaches of the Pacific Ocean and one of our main objectives after detox is for you to enjoy your recovery period by providing fun activities and luxurious accommodations during your stay with us. We also offer traditional treatment methods combined with alternative treatments, such as surf therapy and music therapy, just to name a couple.

Detox: The First Stage of Therapy for Drug Abuse

Detox is the suggested first stage of therapy for a broad range of addicts. Balboa Horizons provides detox that is suitable for those who have developed a chemical dependency. Dependency suggests that the body has become used to continuously increased levels of a compound in such a way that the person starts to feel as if they must have the drug to be able to just feel like they’re living normally. If the drug is removed, addicted people will frequently encounter a multitude of physical and mental health symptoms which are uncomfortable and are also literally risky and dangerous.

Medically Supervised Detox Benefits

It is possible to detox on your own, however, that is not necessarily recommended as the best course of action. Difficult situations may develop at any moment during detox and depending on the chemical used, along with the person’s current mental and physical health can be dangerous. Additionally, powerful cravings along with other discomforts might develop during the withdrawal procedure, weakening the determination to stop the addiction and possibly leading to the danger of a relapse. Through medical professionals in addiction medicine prescription medicines may be used to relieve the detox by enhancing stability and comfort. Improved comfort is connected to longer periods of recovery and medicine likely will be provided to help control the withdrawal symptoms.

Contact Balboa Horizons for Help With Drug Detox

If you would like some additional information regarding the best drug detox in Orange County, Balboa Horizons would like to invite you to give us a call at (866) 316-4012, and speak with one of our friendly and caring team members.