California Luxury Detox

California Luxury Detox

Southern California offers a warm climate with cool ocean breezes and is one of the most ideal places to recover from addiction in the United States. Family members often ask if they can stay with us too! To be sure, luxury drug rehabs in California are a unique experience; however, the clinical aspects of an ethical treatment program should be at the forefront of any decision when choosing a California luxury Detox and rehab.

California Luxury Detox


What is luxury drug rehab like at Balboa Horizons?

Because we are located in Orange County, we immerse our clients in the surrounding area with many different activities throughout the week. These activities can include:

• Surfing
• Yoga
• Gym
• Tai Chi
• Gong Therapy
• Mindfulness
• Breathing & Meditation
• Beach Volleyball
• Coastal Hikes
• Rock to Recovery

Activities are vital in keeping a balance between inner emotions and learning to lead a healthy and rewarding life in recovery. Our scheduled activities help build self-esteem and reduce stress. Luxury rehab centers in Orange County provide many of the same activities, however, Balboa Horizons really excels in having a professional staff that really cares about the individuals we serve. When the staff loves their jobs and loves the people they help, something magical happens. The positivity and hope that comes from our staff influences our clients and helps inspire change and transformation in their lives on a daily basis – and it’s incredible.

Balboa Horizons of Orange County is a luxury rehab that strives for excellence in all aspects of our program.  Our luxury drug rehab program can help people detox and recover from common drugs like alcohol, benzodiazepines, meth, opiates, marijuana, prescriptions pills, and more.

Luxury Rehab Amenities

Some of the amenities of Balboa Horizons include individual one-on-one treatment with a psychiatrist, case manager, and therapist every week. Our top-notch clinical team will help you work through whatever is troubling you, essentially meeting you where you are at.  Our clinicians are all credentialed and licensed to work in our industry.

Eating right and getting proper nutrition while going through our luxury detox can make all the difference. We believe that eating healthy along with proper dieting helps speed the recovery time for those in early recovery. All meals are provided for you at our luxury detox in Orange County, California, helping you focus on what matters – your recovery.

We want you to feel comfortable during your stay because many of our staff have been in your shoes. The pain of withdrawal can be daunting. Mitigating pain and helping you feel more comfortable is how we are so successful. We offer quiet residences equipped to make you feel at home. They are even furnished with luxurious lazy boy style recliners to help you feel at home because feeling “at home” is what Balboa Horizons is all about. Our luxury detox has an outdoor area for smoking/vaping and an outdoor Jacuzzi. Many of the amenities we provide are aimed at helping you reset, recharge, and get your life back to normal.

Often times sleep can be difficult while detoxing. Our comfortable beds and quiet location provide ideal accommodation for you to get the much-needed rest your body has been seeking. Our luxury detox in Orange County is one of peace, comfort, and professionalism; our amazing nursing staff will help keep you safe and comfortable where you can finally relax and breathe.

When looking into California luxury detox, make sure the organization is fully licensed by the State of California. Many of the so-called luxury drug rehabs are not lawfully providing treatment for addiction recovery. It is important to check with the California Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs to make sure the drug treatment center in California you are looking at is licensed by the state. Balboa Horizons is not only licensed, but we are also accredited by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is the organization that holds us to the same standards that hospitals are held. This means that we can provide the highest standard of care in the addiction recovery industry.

Balboa Horizons is a premier luxury drug and alcohol treatment program in Orange County California that provides excellence in addiction treatment and recovery. Give us a call to discuss your treatment needs for yourself or a loved one to see if we would be a good fit for you. Call us today 866-316-4012

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