Zac Efron Says-Don’t Question My Sobriety!

by baladmin | April 6, 2014

According to TMZ, Zac Efron says, “Don’t question my sobriety”! Zac’s friends are scared to broach the subject of Zac’s sobriety because not only will they be ignored — but they say anyone who makes an attempt to talk about his sobriety is cut from Efron’s life.

This brings up a very important issue regarding anyone who is having trouble with drug or alcohol abuse. In prior blogs on Balboa Horizons we talked about how important it is to have a solid sober support group for those in recovery.

Changing Everything

Recovery is about change. When addicts and alcoholics make a decision to get sober they will often ask what they need to change in their lives in order to be successful in recovery. If they are offered an honest answer to this question, it will be that they need to most likely change everything.


Where we live has a big impact on our ability to stay sober in early sobriety. That is why it is an excellent idea to go to rehab in another state or at the very least in another county. Staying in familiar surroundings while embarking on an addiction treatment program can prove to be problematic. Certain places can trigger our desire to use alcohol or drugs again especially if the place is where we did most our drug and/or alcohol abuse. This will continue to be what the place reminds of us.

Eventually we can comfortably return to these places once we have a good foundation of recovery under our belt.


The people whom we associate with is probably the most important issue for us when beginning and maintaining a recovery program. We are social creatures by nature and we all need to have close intimate relationships with our fellow human beings in order to feel emotionally happy.

Peer pressure can be intense and we will only make it more difficult for ourselves if we try to stay sober while still associating with people who drink alcohol or use drugs. Usually one of two things will happen, we will either start using again, or find new friends.


One of the cornerstone attributes of the 12 step program is one alcoholic talking with another alcoholic, and it is called the Fellowship. Developing a strong support group with like minded sober alcoholics and addicts will ensure the maintenance of our sobriety like nothing else can. We need to become accountable and honest if we want to achieve lasting sobriety. Also, more often than not our friends in recovery can see when we might be headed for trouble and give us support and encouragement before anyone else can. This is a true friend in recovery.