Are you ready to grow up?

by baladmin | June 12, 2013

What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor, a musician, a lawyer, a homemaker, a professional athlete, a teacher? Whatever is it you desire and want to work toward will take work and a clear head.

You see young people all the time throwing their lives away for a quick high. Pressure to drink and smoke weed at a party turns into weekly binge drinking, getting high every day, and experimenting with cocaine and ecstasy.

By the time you reach adulthood you already needed treatment. Unfortunately, more and more young adults enter rehab every year.

The neighbor down the street goes to rehab for cocaine addiction because he lost his job, has no money, had to move back into his parents’ basement, and bums cigarettes and lines off his other addict friends.

His dreams of playing baseball and backing that up with a business degree went completely out the window when he had to instead check himself in.

Do you want to be one of those people?

Let’s not snort or smoke the next several years away. Let’s instead avoid young adult rehab by staying focused on that teacher degree, potentially successful band, or law school admission essay.

We all know peer pressure and the desire to experiment can be very real, but who are you going to listen to when it comes to your own life and health? Other people who are risking their lives, their futures, and their bodies, or people who are out in the world living and going for their dreams?

Look at professional athletes like Tim Tebow who actually get made fun of for having religion and a higher power in his life. We can’t win anymore. A part of our society says it’s uncool to be connected to your values and to have a greater purpose for your behaviors. Tim Tebow is a professional football player, isn’t that cooler than getting messed up all the time?

If you are using drugs or drinking regularly, figure out what you stand for and how you want your life to look. Maybe entering a young adult rehab is right for you. The changes you can make and the new life you can lead are all worth the work.

You can get clean and sober, and back on track with a career goal. As a young adult, rehab can help set you up for a great life of sustained recovery.

You won’t be throwing touchdown passes, hitting home-runs, teaching the next generation, or saving a life if you are starting adulthood drunk and high.

photo credit: The U.S. Army