Women’s Best Addiction Treatment Center

by baladmin | February 9, 2011

Balboa Horizons offers gender specific women only drug alcohol rehab that allows a women to discover a new way of living clean and sober. Significant research indicates that gender specific addiction treatment models for women, offer the highest rate of success for those women struggling with addiction.

As with any industry, the key factors to consider are whether the company is ethical and honest, especially when it comes to dealing with an issue as serious as getting treatment for addiction. This is an industry that is not heavily regulated, however there are many things you can look for when interviewing a prospective treatment center. In addition to your own searching, newliferecovery.net is a resource that show cases what we believe to be some of the best rehab programs available. Not necessarily because they are the biggest, have the most beds, or cost the most; but because they are run by individuals who are in this recovery business because it is their life’s work, their reason for living.