Women’s Addiction Treatment Staff at Balboa Horizons

by baladmin | August 20, 2010

The clinical staff at Balboa Horizons stands out as the single most vital resource of the Holistic Healing Program for Women. Our Professionals have been screened and selected for their background and success in the field of women’s addiction, and recovery.

Balboa Horizon’s is pleased to present a highly trained and skilled staff that brings over 40 years of experience into the healing environment with compassion, professionalism and a dedication to the care needs that are specific to recovering woman. In addition, our staff has an understanding of the life-changing challenges and issue’s that women commonly face in recovery. Our staff provides care that is personal, individualized where necessary and addresses the physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that have lead many women to addiction.

The Balboa Horizons program is unlike any other in combining a gentle inspiring environment with extensive daily and weekly exposure to leading professionals in the field with a generous staff-to-client ratio.