Women & Trauma-Treatment-Recovery

by baladmin | July 28, 2011

Women & Trauma in Recovery

Trauma experienced in women’s life can have life altering-long term effects that can result in addictions. Some trauma can be experienced once, and also repeatedly in a women’s life. The psychiatric definition of “trauma” is “an event outside of normal human experience.” Trauma generally leaves a woman feeling powerless, helpless, and paralyzed. It tends to be sudden and overwhelming; it “owns” her. A woman who has experienced trauma cannot think clearly during and after a severe trauma; at the same time, she is forced to focus her consciousness in an attempt to deal with life and the situation. One example of trauma can be described as “any sudden and potentially life-threatening event”.

Some examples of one time trauma events can include natural disasters (earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc), rape, assault, muggings, robbery, accidents (automobile, airplane, train, etc) and fires. Examples of reoccurring trauma can include physical or sexual abuse as a child or spouse, war, life in a prison camp, life as a refugee, hostage situations, life in a concentration camp, and life in some religious cults. This list is in no way exhaustive, and each woman experiences her trauma in a unique and personal way.

In the course of treating women at Balboa Horizons, our clinical addiction treatment team has been able to help women uncover traumatic experiences in their life’s that are now being self medicated with addiction. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, food, or sex, getting to the core issues resulting in a women’s destructive lifestyle is the foundation and mission of Balboa Horizons. We understand the specific needs of women. For immediate assistance please call us at

. We look forward to helping you!