What’s the Big Deal About Behavioral Health Rehab?

by baladmin | May 4, 2013

What’s the big deal about behavioral health rehab? Why is the term “behavioral health” used so often? What does it even mean?

The big deal is that the entire functioning of a person’s life depends on his or her behavioral health. Think about what you do in any given day. If you engage in behaviors that are harmful to your health in any way, your behavioral health is causing disruption to your everyday functioning.

The relationship you have with your mind, body, and soul plays out in your behavioral choices.

When you woke up today, what was the first thing you did? Did you brush your teeth, drink coffee, drive to work, eat breakfast with a loved one, or read the newspaper? Did you take any medications? Did you yell at a bad driver? Did you exercise? Did you oversleep, or call in sick to work?

According to Wikipedia, behavioral health is “a general concept that refers to the reciprocal relationship between human behavior, individually or socially, and the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit.”

With that in mind, what choices are determining your behavioral health?

For many people, daily decisions are not facilitating an overall positive system of behavioral health. If you are one of those people, think about behavioral health rehab in California. Just like a drug addict cannot live for very long without help, someone struggling with behavioral health needs rehab for sustained wellness.

Behavioral choices like gambling, high-risk sexual encounters, drug use, alcoholism, or even shopping alter the health of your mind, body, and soul.

Behavioral health rehab in California, at a place like Balboa Horizons, takes you through the reasons for certain behavioral choices. The treatment team in behavioral health rehab wants to help you determine your own root causes of harmful behavioral choices so that you see everything more clearly.

As you do the work in rehab, you develop tools and skills for engaging in more beneficial behaviors. Understanding the emotions you have tied to certain behaviors gives you the information, and allows you to make different choices.

For example, you have been spending a lot of time online, which is putting a strain on at least one of your relationships. Let’s say you identify that you don’t believe you are worthy of this person’s love while in behavioral health rehab. Think about how much that can change the choices you make. Instead of spending time online, escaping the situation, you can face the truth and work on why you feel the way you do.
That’s the big deal about behavioral health rehab!

Your own health is most important. Behavioral health rehab in California will help you heal.