Watchful or Under Watch – The Importance of 24 hour Closely Monitored Living in Rehab

by baladmin | May 19, 2013

Addicts and accountability. How else can sobriety happen?
The importance of 24-hour closely monitored living in drug and alcohol rehab is paramount, but is it watchful or are the clients under watch?
If you ask the clients when they first enter the facility, they would probably say that they are under watch, but upon completion of the program, there may be more gratitude for the watchful nature of such a closely monitored living environment while in rehab.
What is the difference?
A life of substance abuse and the behaviors that come along with addition does not include much accountability. An addict becomes accustomed to finding a way to always do what he or she wants, pretty much whenever he or she wants to do it. There is not someone asking questions, keeping tabs on activity and the individual’s whereabouts, or holding him or her to a strict schedule.
That all changes in rehab, and that is why people get clean and sober! A life of recovery, starting with drastic daily changes, must begin with watchful, or under watch, 24-hour closely monitored living in an inpatient rehab program.
Think about it…you have been spending almost all day, everyday, drinking, using drugs, earning or finding the money to pay for your next fix, actually going to get your substances of choice, or figuring out how you will get the next dose of whatever you want to use. Has this been going on for years?
If you suddenly stop the use and the behaviors, what else do you know? Your brain and your body will physically crave the substances you have become addicted to, and you cannot handle not-using your own. If you could, or if any addict could, then addiction would not exist.
One solution, that can start you on the path to a new life, away from substances, is finding a substance abuse treatment facility that provides a 24-hour closely monitored living environment.
Being held accountable around the clock will alleviate the possibility of drinking or using, so that you are able to stay present during all the components of your treatment process. When cravings arise, there are always staff members and rehab peers to talk to, without the option of throwing your new sobriety away for a quick buzz or high.
Search now for an addiction rehab facility that closely monitors its clients 24 hours a day.
The accountability will keep you clean and sober!