Why Travel Out of State for Rehab Treatment

by baladmin | May 2, 2013

When drug and alcohol use has reached the point of addiction, it is time for treatment!
Choosing a rehab center is an important step in the road to recovery, so take some time to find a program that focuses on your main needs.

For most addicts, being removed from the known environment, in which all alcohol and drug abuse took place, is the only way to remove the possibility of using from each waking day.


So, no matter where you live, check out your options all over the country. Traveling out of state for treatment gets you, or your loved one, out of the monotonous life that became consumed by addiction, and away from me people who enabled the substance use in one way or another.

You will meet new people who understand what you have been through. Sober peers provide a much needed sense of community in early recovery, and the people who are already in your life cannot offer the same support. A fresh group also offers a new perspective. In treatment out of state, you will be exposed to people you never would have met otherwise.

Think about starting over. The life you have had up to this point does not need to be your reality forever, or even for one more day. You can make the choice to relocate to attend a top-rated substance abuse treatment center that will help you successfully detox, and then heal from the pain that initiated your use and kept you using.

Look at people like Lindsay Lohan, who try rehab in the same city they already live in, and then right after formal treatment return to the same home, the same familiar surroundings, the same group of people, and the same behaviors and patterns of substance abuse. It’s no wonder Lindsay has been to rehab several times, and has been sentenced to house arrest, and now court-mandated locked rehab to avoid jail time.

The consequences of addiction will always get worse. The disease is progressive, meaning if an addict does not work toward recovery, and instead continues to drink and use, the addiction will consistently take over the individual’s life more and more. Physical health, mental health, financial, legal, interpersonal, and other adverse consequences will occur. No addict is above the disease of addiction.

Traveling out of state for treatment, relocating for rehab, gives every addict a better chance at a life or recovery.

Give yourself a chance! Find out where you can best be treated for substance abuse.