Toronto Mayor Claims He’s Not A Drug Addict

by baladmin | November 3, 2013

Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, admits he has been drunk in public, but says he is not a drug addict.

Ford has no intention of resigning from his position as mayor, even though law enforcement officials have a video of the current Toronto mayor smoking crack cocaine. Initially Ford responded by saying that the people of Toronto need to view the video and judge his behavior for themselves. Later he admitted that he did smoke crack, but “he has nothing left to hide.”

Not His First Offense
This is not Mayor Ford’s first questionable action caught on tape. He was elected mayor in 2010 and since, a picture showing Ford reading while driving on the expressway, going 40 or 50 miles an hour, surfaced and there is also a video of Ford swearing and threatening to kill someone. The mayor reacted with press conferences expressing his embarrassment, but he sees no reason he cannot continue doing his job.

Working to Mend What’s Broken
Other elected officials in Toronto have said that Ford’s apology did not seem genuine or adequate to explain his behavior, and he did not address his drug use specifically. The people, who look to their mayor for guidance and sound decisions for the city, deserve to know if Rob Ford has an addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

It seems the only response he has ever made about his substance abuse is when Mayor Ford said that he will slow down on his drinking, but he only decided to do that after being caught extremely intoxicated in public a few times. It seems his admissions and claims to change were only fostered by a potential threat to his job.


Addiction’s Impact on Behavior
While this man’s choices and behaviors are not right, and are not beneficial to his health and well-being, to his family, or to the people of Toronto, he is sick. Anyone battling alcoholism and drug addiction is sick and is unable to help him or herself. The need for professional care is very real.

The components of addiction may shine more light on this matter. Loss of control over use of any mind-altering substance, obsession with use, continuing to use even after adverse life consequences have resulted directly from substance abuse, denial that there is a problem, and an intense tendency to relapse after trying to stop using, all characterize addiction.

Mayor Ford seems to be in denial about his problem, and he may be unable to control his substance use, obsessed with his substance use, and we know he has experienced several negative consequences. Has he stopped using since?

While his behavioral choices seem to be his fault, addiction is powerful and can take over the rational thinking ability of its victim.

Mayor Ford, and other people in his situation, need help. Formal treatment is the only evidence-based way to successfully recover from drug and alcohol addiction. The techniques used by substance abuse professionals that identify the roots of addiction or alcoholism, the reasons for initial use, the reasons for continued use even when relationships were strained, jobs were lost, and finances were depleted, and much more, are what addicts need to recover. The tools learned in rehab, and the time spent healing, is irreplaceable.

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