Things you have to get over in order to seek treatment

by baladmin | May 26, 2013

Denial: the main barrier for addicts who need treatment.
Plain and simple, you cannot deny that you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, and succeed in rehab.
There are a few things that you have to get over in order to seek treatment for addiction. Denial is definitely one of them. Admitting that you have a problem is well known as the first step you need to take in order to get sober.
You also need to get over the stigma of rehab in order to seek substance abuse treatment. In our society, many people view having a problem with drugs and alcohol, and seeking help in any way, as a weakness, but how can that possibly be true.
Don’t worry about what other people think; do what is best for you and your life. Sobriety is a choice that you make for your own betterment; getting help is of no one else’s concern but your own.
If you doubt that drug rehab will be effective for you, you definitely need to get over that in order to seek treatment.
What makes you think it will not work when most people who are ready to get clean and sober find formal treatment extremely effective? What you have been doing has obviously not been working, so why not get over it and try a proven method for success in treating those who suffer from the aspects of addiction just like you do?
Maybe Alec Baldwin’s story of finding help and God will inspire you to seek substance abuse treatment. It’s not widely known that he struggled with alcoholism, but right before his 27th birthday, Alec realized, while driving down the Santa Monica Freeway, that the cup of wine he was sipping on was unnecessary, and other people around him were drinking coffee or soda, not wine.
He then went to a support group meeting and says that he found God who was, “a black, 56-year retired postal service worker named Lenny.”
If Alec Baldwin can do it, so can you! He recognized that he had a real problem with alcohol, he stopped denying it, and he did not care what other people thought, so he took himself to a meeting to get the help he did not doubt would help him recover.
The people you see who cannot seem to stay sober are those who have not gotten over the denial, the stigma, and the doubt that surround addiction treatment.
Get over these things and seek treatment for substance abuse today!