The Country’s Top Alcohol Counseling Programs & Why They Work

by baladmin | April 29, 2013

There are many alcohol counseling programs in the United States. What makes the top-rated programs more effective than the rest? Why do certain treatment programs work better than others?

To start, the country’s top alcohol counseling programs are Joint Commission certified.

Additionally, the top rated programs work because they implement a 3-stage treatment model:

(1) Detoxification

A quality alcohol counseling program will include medical monitoring while your body rids itself of all alcohol, and any other substances present. Before a treatment team can successfully assess you and identify your entire set of needs, you need to be sober and no longer impaired by the presence of alcohol in your system.

(2) Behavioral mental health counseling

One-on-one therapy is important for a newly sober alcoholic who is trying to determine how a life of recovery will be feasible. A top alcohol counseling program will assign each client to a trained counselor who works with the client on pinpointing his or her reasons for initial use leading to alcoholism, and to develop tools that will improve the client’s self-esteem.

Relapse prevention with an approach to trigger management gives clients the resources they will needs when leaving formal treatment.

(3) Aftercare guidelines

A top alcohol counseling program helps each client plan for life after discharge. The client’s assigned counselor, with input from the entire program’s treatment team, will offer recommendations for follow-up care. Outpatient rehab, sober living, Twelve Step involvement, ongoing one-on-one therapy, and many other services will be a part of the client’s aftercare guidelines.

The country’s top alcohol counseling programs treat the whole person, not just the physical addiction to alcohol. Inpatient programs provide supervised care twenty-four hours a day, with continuous client accountability.

Traditional forms of substance treatment, like individual and group therapy, are combined with holistic approaches that treat the individual on all levels.

If you are searching for successful alcohol counseling, look for a program that treats the physical dependence as well as the psychological addiction, as is the case in the top-rated alcohol treatment programs in the United States.

photo credit: Alan Cleaver