Super Model Amber Valletta 15 Years Sober!

by baladmin | September 9, 2014

September is National Recovery Month, and encourages people to talk about their battle with addiction. Amber Valletta is a super model who hit her stride in the 90’s and also battled addiction to drugs and alcohol. This month she turned 40 and decided to share her recovery story with the world. Prior to now she has kept her addiction and recovery a secret from the public. Amber has been sober for the past 15 years.

Amber Valletta-Super Model

Amber was discovered in Tulsa, Oklahoma when she was 15 years old and by the time she was 18 she was modeling in Paris. Amber appeared on the cover of Vogue 16 times and is a huge fashion icon, but being an advocate for recovery is what she is now the most proud of.

“I hit my bottom when I was 25. I hit my bottom, and I remember it very well,” Valletta told CBS News correspondent Lee Woodruff. “I think when you come to a point and you look in the mirror, and you can’t say anything nice to yourself, that’s a real problem.”

According to CBS This Morning’s interview, at 25 years old, Amber Valletta’s career had hit a high. But behind the glamour and makeup, she was keeping a serious secret.

Amber’s Talks About Drug Addiction

“The first time I tried cocaine I was, I was in it, first time,” she said. “And the last time I used I had– let me just put it this way. I hadn’t slept in a while, and I ended up going to St. Vincent’s alone and walking home alone after they released me the next day. And that is not a good feeling.”

“I believe that addiction is still considered something shameful, and that if you had the willpower you could fix it. And that’s just not true,” Valletta said. “It’s time to lift the veil. I’ve guarded it so privately in the public. So it was like kind of really exposing myself; this is really who Amber Valletta is. I want to tell people they have nothing to be ashamed of. Come out of the darkness. Come into the light. You can recover from this disease, and you don’t have to be a prisoner to something.”

Stigma of Addiction

For many decades the alcoholic or drug addict has been made to feel ashamed for not having the willpower to stop using or drinking on their own. Although the stigma still exists, the awareness and encouragement from people in the public eye helps everyone else feel like there is hope.

Seeing high profile people come forward to share their stories of addiction and recovery is powerful and may be just the thing that turns an active addict or alcoholic toward treatment.

Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is the first step in a life of recovery, ideally for at least 90 days. Many studies support the model for an initial 90 days of therapeutic addiction treatment, and the success of a longer drug alcohol rehab stay. 30 day programs tend to have a higher rate of relapse.

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