Substance Abuse Treatment California

by Balboa Horizons | August 14, 2017

California Substance Abuse Treatment

California is a distraction-free fresh start far away from environmental triggers. People such as friends who engage in substance abuse and acquaintances are likely triggers. Furthermore, Getting away from the area where a person is actively using is beneficial. People need a break in order to take on the responsibility of pursuing their own recovery. Weather and recreation aside, California provides a rich talent-pool of sophisticated clinicians. Our clinicians are dedicated to helping people begin and sustain their recovery journey. Balboa Horizons prides itself on recruiting the best and most dedicated clinicians.

Substance abuse treatment in California is known for its healthy recreation and lifestyle. For young people in particular, part of the recovery journey will be finding healthy lifestyles that are attractive to them—and a big change to the lifestyle they were living prior to getting sober.

A Community Like No Other

Balboa Horizons is intentionally located in the heart of Orange County, CA. California is abundant in rich recovery services. At Balboa Horizons, we foster community building through our treatment programs, role modeling, and specific activities such as surf therapy and Rock to Recovery because the evidence is clear: Peers recover with peers. California provides a multitude of trails, beaches, bike paths, gyms, nature centers, health food stores, and restaurants. At Balboa Horizons, we provide healthy activities, role models and community resources that best support your personal recovery journey.

Activities and Recreation

Surrounded by a stunning network of hiking and biking trails in protected wilderness parks and preserves, Coastal California is also a world-class destination for surfing, swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, and more. Skiing and snowboarding, along with other winter sports, are available within a two-hour drive. Learning to take pleasure in recovery is an important part of our program. As a result, the therapeutic value in realizing one can have fun in sobriety is without parallel. Socializing and participating in recreational experiences are important life skills in achieving balance and creating one’s best life.

California Universities and Opportunities

California is a hub for education as well, boasting three universities and 17 private colleges. There are vocational schools, art institutes, and world-class repertory theaters here as well. It is a progressive environment rich in job opportunities. Many of the world’s high-tech companies have headquarters here. Balboa Horizons offers its addiction treatment and recovery services in an area that many choose to call home after treatment. Because of the opportunities for employment, continuing education, and outdoor activities, our location is ideal for our mind and body approach to recovery. Above all, Balboa Horizons feels like home.

Ongoing Recovery Resources

California recovery leads the way in many endeavors, including addiction recovery services, and Balboa Horizons has been an industry leader in addiction treatment in California for over 15 years. We are located in a recovery-rich area and provides clients access to vibrant peer-support networks, available long after formal treatment is completed. There are thousands of 12-step meetings daily in California.

Replacing Bad/ Unhealthy or Self Destructive Habits with Healthy Ones

There is such a wide array of meetings in Orange County, California that you’re sure to find one that’s right for you. Due to the high number of participants in meetings, there are meetings for Men, Women, Artists, Musicians, Millennials, LGBT, and more. Likewise, available meeting formats include talk show (think David Letterman), speaker meetings, share only, and many more. Above all, whether you’re a college student, artist, mom, or businessperson, you’ll find your niche for long-term recovery support in Orange County.