What Should I Do if My Son is Doing Drugs?

by baladmin | June 16, 2014

The best thing that you as a parent can do if you know your son is doing drugs is to first admit it. Sometimes we as parents do not want to admit that our son could be involved in something as dangerous or illegal as drug abuse. We usually want to give our kids the benefit of the doubt.

Addiction is Not a Moral Issue

My mother was like this, she would always think the best of her kids. Even when she was faced with evidence to the contrary, she would still come to our defense. She would make excuses to explain away our behavior or say it was our friends fault. I think in some ways she thought that if she pretended the problem was not there, then it was simply not there. My mother also thought that any difficulties that her kids could be having with alcohol or drug abuse would somehow suggest that she had failed as a parent.

Recovery Begins with Acceptance of the Problem

Yeas later when I finally told my mother that I was an alcoholic, she got very defensive and argued with me saying that there was no way I could be an alcoholic. She was mad that I would say such a thing, even though I reminded her that she had picked me up from jail following my 3rd DUI.

So, the best thing you as a parent can do– right now— if you are certain that your son is doing drugs is to calmly admit it and know that it is not a moral issue. Nor does it imply that you are not an excellent and loving parent. Addiction is a disease and there is treatment available. Addiction treatment is the best solution if your son is showing signs of addiction. If he is between the age of 18 to 34 Balboa Horizons offers an excellent addiction treatment program with over 10 years of recovery experience and successful outcomes.

An Interventionist Can Help

In some cases you may need an interventionist to help you with your situation. An interventionist is a non-biased expert in the field of alcohol and drug addiction that can safely and effectively support you, your family and your son at this difficult time. Interventionists should be registered by the Association of Intervention Specialist Credentialing Board (AISCB), and any other credentials related to knowledge of alcohol and drug abuse is desirable. A good interventionist will happily provide referrals upon request.

alanonHelp for Parents

It is difficult at best to accept and deal with the fact that your son has an addiction to drugs. Getting support for yourself from others in a similar situation has proved to be most helpful. Al-anon is a support group for the family members of alcoholics and addicts. These meetings will help you learn more about addiction and effective coping strategies to sustain and improve your relationship with your son.

If you would like more information about treatment and how to help your son, please call Balboa Horizons today, we are here for you. 1 (866) 316-4012