Social Media in Early Addiction Recovery

by baladmin | September 1, 2015

Social media is an incredible tool for self-expression and connection. However, the process of recovery often reveals a new self with different values and interests. The simple act of logging in to Facebook and seeing old photos and friends can bring up painful memories. Taking steps forward in a new way of life while messages from the past keep chiming can be taxing. The following outlined tools can not only alleviate this anxiety, but also help you create an authentic life.

Getting Clean- Recovery is first and foremost about getting clean from drugs and alcohol. While you’re at it, clean-up your social media feeds too.

Photo-Mojo – Are there pictures of you drinking or using on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Then consider deleting them. If you’re tagged, then untag yourself. The idea of a picture is that it tells the viewer a story. If that story is triggering its wise to not have it glare at you each time you scroll through pictures.

You Get What You ‘Like’– There are algorithms all over social media that gather information from what you have ‘Liked’, ‘Favorited’ and ‘Retweeted’ in the past. Go through your Facebook Pages feed and look through the businesses and organizations you’ve ‘Liked.’ If they no longer match your values then simply ‘Unlike’ them. Then search for pages that match your new interests; you’ll get good vibes back soon.

Unfollow The Crowd – You may be ‘Friends’ or ‘Follow’ people who frequently post about their drug and alcohol use. Facebook has a handy feature that allows you to ‘unfollow’ these people without fully deleting them. When you ‘unfollow’ them they won’t populate in your news feed. This will make space for you to engage in new friendships.

Set aside an hour or two to take these first few steps. Sifting through your past can be overwhelming so make sure you do something restorative afterward. Log-in a couple days later and ask yourself if you feel less anxiety around the content you’re absorbing. Mindfully used, social media can help you build meaningful connections.

Be sure to cruise back here next week when we will have part-two of this article. We will be sharing how to authentically engage in social media while maintaining healthy boundaries.

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