Smart, Safe, and Painless

by baladmin | July 30, 2013

Have you heard horror stories of drug and alcohol detox? Let’s just say you don’t want to spend your free weekend deep in the detoxification process.

It’s definitely a necessary evil. Ridding your body of all the toxins and foul substances that have been floating around in your system just has to happen.

When you have decided that you want a substance-free life though, there are methods for painless detox. You definitely want to be medically monitored when you stop taking any substance that you’ve been abusing, and with a medical professional involved, the pain can be alleviated.


Philip Seymour Hoffman recently checked into rehab to just undergo medically-monitored, painless detox. After ten days, he is reportedly substance-free and ready to return to work.

This is not recommended for most addicts, and it’s unclear why Philip thinks he’ll be okay, but that’s the route he has chosen.

Without proper care, your body may not be able to handle what is happening without medication. In trying to rid your system of the harmful chemicals, you may experience majorly uncomfortable symptoms, especially if your drug of choice is alcohol or an an opiate (heroin, Vicodin, OxyContin, and other prescription painkillers.)

Alcohol detox can be fatal. Opiate detox is not, but the withdrawal symptoms are severely painful and can be nearly unbearable without assistance.

Painless detox is possible when you work with a physician. Based on what you are experiencing, the doctor can administer various medications that alleviate your symptoms. Methadone and Suboxone are two examples of medications that assist the detox process, depending on your drug of choice.

So are you ready to get clean?

Detox has come a long way. You don’t need discomfort and pain to start healing. The treatment team at whatever facility you check into will make sure that you are taken care of, start to finish.

You can start a little checklist: Painless detox to get those chemicals out of your body, some time away from your life to get your footing back, and then the start of formal treatment.

Before you can start identifying what you will need to focus on during your time in rehab, you need to be clean and coherent. After some time without drugs and alcohol, you will regain functioning, and that’s when you really start to get well.

Choose painless detox. Approach the recovery process in the smartest possible way, and with the most comfort for yourself.