September is Recovery Month

by baladmin | September 14, 2012

Balboa Horizons proudly supports National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. Recovery Month promotes the societal benefits of prevention, treatment, and recovery for mental and substance use disorders, celebrates people in recovery, applauds the contributions of treatment and service providers, and promotes the message that recovery in all its forms is possible!

Recovery Month spreads the positive message that behavioral health is essential to overall health, that prevention works, treatment is effective and people can and do recover.

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction, we are here to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week at

US Substance Abuse Statistics

  • 17.6 million people-about one in every twelve adults-abuse alcohol or are alcohol dependent
  • Alcohol is the leading risk factor in deaths of males age 15 to 59.
  • Alcohol dependence and abuse cost $220 billion a year
  • More than 40 people per day die from drunk driving, approximately 16,000 people per year
  • More than 10 million people abuse prescription medications.
  • More than 3 million people use cocaine.
  • Nearly half of all drug-related emergency room visits are due to cocaine abuse.