Self-Care in Addiction Recovery

by Balboa Horizons | May 2, 2018

Self-care in addiction recovery can be mood stabilizing. Whether you read a book, play a sport, or practice meditation, self-care is necessary. Self-care can include anything that helps you relax, enjoy life, or improve your mood. It can be as simple as getting a manicure, going to the spa, surfing, or even yoga. Whatever the activity is that helps you be the best version of your self can be defined as self-care.

With this broad definition, self-care can really be quite subjective. The three types of self-care that are often mentioned in addiction recovery are; spiritual, emotional, and physical self-care. Another type of self-care that is equally important is self-love.  Let’s further look at each of these types of self-care in addiction recovery.

Spiritual Self-Care in Addiction Recovery

Spiritual enlightenment can help you find your spiritual core. By experimenting on different ideas and activities, you can find what helps you gain a clearer understanding of your personal spirituality. Being in tune with yourself can help you become the best version of yourself. Those who walk a spiritual path often find themselves through acts of kindness and service to their fellow man.

Emotional Self-Care in Addiction Recovery

Let’s face it, emotions often get the best of us and being in recovery is no exception. Being able to have individuals around you that help uplift and keep you sane is important. Surrounding yourself with positive people often aides in healing. Emotional self-care is important to help build up self-esteem and to gain a positive perspective about who you are. Emotional self-care is being kind to one’s self.

Physical Self-Care in Addiction Recovery

Taking care of your body is, in a way, paying tribute to yourself. Physical self-care helps boost self-esteem, promotes health, and makes people feel good about themselves. Eating healthy and exercising are the two most common ways to practice physical self-care in recovery. Whether you go for a bike ride, hit the gym, or hike up a mountain, you can promote a feeling of well-being.

Love As Self-Care in Recovery

Above we mentioned all the ways one could exercise spiritual, emotional,  and physical self-care in addiction recovery. Similarly, when we exercise, go for a run, or even attend church we are in essence loving ourselves.  Taking the time to get to know yourself and all your strengths and weaknesses is one of the fastest ways to learn how to love yourself.

Practicing spiritual, emotional, and physical self-care on a daily basis is beneficial to helping you love yourself. Those who are new to recovery may feel as though they are less than, worthless, and even shameful. However, when we start practicing self-care, we then begin to open the door to loving ourselves. When we can live life on life’s terms, then and only then, can we be useful not only to ourselves but also to others who may be struggling as we once did.

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