Selecting A Therapist Post-Rehab

by baladmin | February 24, 2016

Many people who complete addiction rehab programs continue their recovery process in therapy. Working with a therapist post-treatment allows one the opportunity to continue combing through triggers and build upon strengths. One benefit of rehab is that a therapist that specializes in chemical addiction and co-occurring disorders is assigned to you. When you return home you have to do the work to find someone on your own. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping around:

To Ask Yourself

Often the disease of addiction numbs us from our own feelings, needs and wants. Take some time to ask yourself what kind of therapist would best serve you at this point in your recovery:

    • Do you feel drawn to working with a male or female therapist?
    • Do you want  to work with someone who has seen your family and friends? Or, would you prefer to start fresh with someone else?
    • What style of therapy do you think you need? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? Dialectical Behavioral Therapy? Psychoanalysis?
  • What time of day would you prefer to do therapy? Morning, afternoon or evenings?

To Ask the Therapist

Once you have established what you’re looking for it’s time to start looking up people in your areas. Some key things to ask them are:

    • “What are your credentials?” Making sure someone is licensed is a must. 
    • “Can you give me some references?”  Speaking to a couple of other people about their experience with this therapist can be helpful.
  • “What’s the plan?” Ask them that considering your background, what would their treatment plan for you look like. 

To Explore

    • Check In With Yourself- During your meeting with the therapist reflect on your comfort level. Do you feel at ease with them or tense? The chemistry between a client and therapist is crucial to building an alliance.
    • Date a Little – Some say that having three sessions with a therapist are useful to gauge whether or not it will be a fit. The rule of thumb is three sessions as a trial period.
  • Compare and Contrast – Try out a couple different therapists and see which ones fits you best.

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