Recovery Meetings, Long-Term

by Balboa Horizons | March 16, 2017

Some people question why a person who has 10 years of addiction recovery, would still attend support group meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous or Overeaters Anonymous. Each persons recovery looks different and their reasons for attending meetings vary. One common reason is the belief that an addiction never goes away, like cancer it’s put into remission. It takes daily work and commitment to keep an addiction in check. Working the 12 steps with a sponsor and a recovery community keeps one accountable to working a program of recovery.

In addition, there are other valuable reasons for life-long attendance at meetings. Such as:

Safe Space – A recovery meeting offers a unique space where you can share exactly what’s going on in your life. For 5 minutes straight you can vent about your mother, annoying co-worker or alcohol craving and no one will interrupt you or try to fix you. This sharing in a room of your peers is not only a cathartic release but also tends to manifest a resolution.

Solution – Often hearing someone else share about their own struggles helps bring solutions to our own. Simply showing up to a meeting and listening to another person’s problems can be incredibly helpful to our own recovery.

Connection – Addiction is a disease of isolation. It traps people in feeling of anxiety and self-consciousness. This is why connection to others is so paramount to recovery. When we are with people our own insecurities lesson as we experience being with others. In addition, building friendships with people in recovery can be incredibly healing. Often, friends and family don’t understand an addicts thinking or struggles. Having friends in the recovery community who totally understand why your hard day was such a hard day is a priceless friendship to have.

Humility – Recovery meetings gather people in different stages of recovery. Whether it’s hearing a newcomer with only two days of sobriety speak or someone with 20 years, it’s good to remember how far we’ve come and have inspiration for where we’d like to go. All of which can be accomplished by attending an hour-long meeting.