Parent or Buddy?

by baladmin | March 20, 2014

Toughest Role–Being a Parent

At Balboa Horizons we understand the difficulty for parents who need to exercise “tough love” with their young adult children.

Having a child who is also a celebrity creates an even greater challenge for parents to resist the urge to be their child’s buddy. It’s easy to be a friend, it takes strength & courage to be a parent.

Celebrity Parents

Justin Bieber and his dad seem to be best buddies. They even have matching tattoos. Jeremy Bieber, 38, was with his son during several of the incidents that have brought him legal trouble in the past weeks.

Father & Son Partying

According to CNN-Father and son were partying together in Miami Beach, Florida, before the younger Bieber, 19, was arrested on a drunken driving charge.

The elder Bieber was with his son the night he allegedly assaulted a Toronto limousine driver. A U.S. Customs report said Jeremy and Justin Bieber were both flying on a chartered jet when the pilots had to put on oxygen masks after marijuana smoke filled the cabin.

Bieber & Lohan

“You have the parents acting as a child with them,” said Dr. Damon Raskin, a former child actor who helps celebrities detox in rehab. “This enables their addictions and contributes to their spiral downward, as with Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan.”

Lohan’s Dad

Lindsay Lohan’s father, said he would never party with his daughter. Michael Lohan has been publicly critical of his ex-wife for doing that. “You can’t socialize with your kids,” Michael Lohan said. “You can’t attend events and party with them.”

Lohan missed out on some of his daughter’s childhood when he served prison time in connection with a Wall Street insider trading investigation. He also had his own substance abuse issues, which were addressed in rehab.

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