Painless Detox-First Step in Rehab

by baladmin | January 15, 2013

The first step in the recovery process for some clients is detox. Detoxification of the drugs and alcohol in a painless and comfortable way is the optimum way to begin a new addiction treatment rehab program at Balboa Horizons.

When our patient first arrives, we will assess his or her situation and then begin the medically supervised stabilization process. If our patient requires detox first, it will begin immediately. This process is painless and comfortable.

Once the detoxification process is complete, our patient will begin their addiction treatment rehab program. The painless detox program is a relief to our clients because that is typically their biggest fear…the pain of detox.

There is nothing to fear and we want you to call us now to begin your new road to sober recovery,  and feeling great without the use of opiates, heroin, cocaine, pain pills or any other drugs including alcohol. Call us now at

. We are here for you.