Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale

by Balboa Horizons | May 28, 2018

The assessment of the stages of withdrawal from opiates requires a clinician to administer a test with an 11-item measurement tool. The clinical opiate withdrawal scale rates the severity of symptoms that patients typically present.

Taking the Test

Clinicians can assess a client in either an inpatient or an outpatient setting. The combined scores provide a basis for identifying the stages of withdrawal and evaluating the level of physical dependence on opioids that someone may exhibit. While the test requires a clinician to make a subjective evaluation of symptoms, some professionals in the field equate them to a severe case of the flu. The scoring system for the test items ranges from zero when no symptoms appear and four or five when they seem severe. The body produces measurable reactions such as these to generate scores for mild, moderate, moderately severe or severe withdrawal.

  • pulse rate after resting for one minute
  • sweating within last half hour without exercise
  • restlessness
  • pupil size
  • bone or joint aches
  • runny nose or tearing not resulting from cold or allergy
  • GI upset within last half hour
  • tremor in outstretched hands
  • yawning
  • anxiety or irritability
  • gooseflesh skin

Choosing an Exceptional Addiction Treatment Option

Two of the most vexing facts about addiction give people the wrong impression about coping with it. Almost everyone thinks that the condition is not particularly severe, and most addicts also believe that they can recover without help from anyone else. Balboa Horizons knows that both ideas mislead people who need gender-specific treatment and recovery programs. The professionals offer an innovative approach that respects people who are brave enough to seek help to do the hard work of recovery. Without judging anyone, they focus on providing a compassionate environment that helps everyone find their way back to a good life.

Treatment at Balboa Horizons uses the outcome of the clinical opiate withdrawal scale to develop an appropriate combination of evidence-based treatment methods, holistic concepts and alternative therapies. From the initial detox experience through support for recovery and prevention of relapse, addicts benefit from the skill and understanding of professionals who have an outstanding record of success. Secure and comfortable in a “home away from home,” clients live and work toward addiction recovery in gender-specific facilities that minimize distractions and encourage progress.

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Clinical opiate withdrawal scale

Selecting a Gender-Specific Program for Men

The program at Balboa Horizons starts with a psychiatric assessment that leads to participation in a custom treatment plan with a licensed therapist and a state-certified counselor. An objective of the program, to help create balance in life, lets clients make progress by examining underlying issues as well as specific concerns. The regimen incorporates 12-Step principles, addiction therapy and clinical intervention as well as a fitness program of yoga, gym workouts and outdoor exercise. A phased presentation of treatment allows clients to progress to a day program and eventually to outpatient status. Balboa Horizons offers a supportive atmosphere that teaches clients life skills that help enrich lives and facilitate re-entry into a productive lifestyle with training and employment.

Finding a Woman-focused Opiate Addiction Program

The treatment programs for women at Balboa Horizons rely on a deep understanding of addiction’s physical and emotional effects as well as the complicated legal, financial and social impacts. With a gender-specific approach that focuses on women, experienced and compassionate professionals address the underlying reasons for self-medicating. The challenges that women face in developing relationships with partners or family members can create undue stress that may lead to substance abuse. A program of treatment that focuses only on women and their issues lets clients seek recovery on their terms and without distraction. The extraordinary atmosphere of compassion and caring support helps women benefit from a unique and comprehensive treatment plan. As they come to understand the emotional impact of damaging relationships, the healing process begins, and relief becomes possible.

Taking an Opportunity to Heal

Going it alone presents challenges, and most people prefer the companionship of someone they trust to go with them. Whether it is dining alone, a cross-country road trip, sky-diving or addiction therapy, almost everyone can appreciate the value of experience from someone who has done it before. The staff at Balboa Horizons has the expertise and compassion to help clients through the most challenging parts of recovery and beyond. Opiate addiction treatment in an inpatient or outpatient setting at Balboa Horizons helps clients regain a lifestyle that substance abuse took away. The potential for escaping the pain of addiction gives clients a chance to start over under the careful guidance of experienced professionals.