Opiate Addiction and Treatment for Women at Balboa Horizons Treatment Center

by baladmin | May 2, 2011

Opiate addiction and treatment for women at Balboa Horizons Treatment Center: “Opiate Addiction Treatment Track

Opiates are powerfully addictive, both physically and psychologically; the withdrawal process is severe. Symptoms of withdrawal include suicidal ideation, cold sweats, immobility, insomnia, severe diarrhea, abnormal body temperature and heartbeat, and clinical depression. Professional help is needed.

Abuse of prescription drugs is rising among American young adults even as use of other drugs seems to be leveling off or declining, according to research statistics. Not everybody who begins using opiates is addicted to them. Many times they are prescribed them for legitimate pain management. Over time though the addictive nature of the drug will cause them to become addicted to them. And while some people will continue abusing opiate pain relievers long-term, others will graduate to using other drugs from the opiate family such as heroin or morphine.”