One Tip for a Successful I.O.P. Experience

by baladmin | January 2, 2016

Some people refer to recovery as a re-birth. The metamorphous of changing from one thing (an addict) into another (a sober person.) It may be helpful to remember that the birthing process is long and messy. It takes a mother 9 months to grow a baby in her womb and the deed of birthing that baby comes with some blood sweat and tears. When it comes to having a successful  intensive outpatient experience remember, becoming sober isn’t clean or comfortable.

Yes, it is important that you consistently show up for your therapy and doctor appointment, journal, meditate, get to bed on time, exercise and connect with others, but there are days that you will do all of this and still feel miserable. Perhaps that’s when you will find yourself reading a blog called “One Tip for a Successful I.O.P. Experience” 😉 Here’s the thing, recovery has it’s own brand of morning sickness. Like a mother unable to get away from the nausea the baby inside of her is causing, you too will have to sit with the pain of the experience.

One tip to be successful at this is to simply REST. Accept that you are experiencing pain, sit with it and ride it out. Part of recovery is learning how to live through painful experiences and choosing to act in a different way than turning to drugs and alcohol. Post recovery pain is still going surface. The loss of a loved one, illness and living is painful. Yet, with recovery we learn how to care for ourselves through this.

If there is one tip that may give you a successful I.O.P. experience it is work hard and then REST. Be gentle with yourself the way you would suggest a pregnant woman to take it easy. Rest-up and get back at it tomorrow.

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